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  1. They refunded the amount I had paid for the laptop although they tried initially to exchange with another one which I was having none of LOL After standing at the desk, raising my voice for other customers to hear, they had no choice but to refund me. So my advice is, be persistant!!
  2. Just wanted to let you know that I managed to get a recording of the fault and have managed to get a refund. But I will NEVER shop at currys/Dixons or PC World again. Thanks for all your help
  3. Hi, thanks for reply I am thinking of doing a chargeback but as I know nothing about these things, could you please advise what would happen?? i.e I would stop the payment going through but what can I expect Currys to respond with? This has really put me off and I have packaged the laptop back in its original packaging, restored to factory settings. Thanks in advance
  4. I am so upset with the awful service at Currys. Yesterday I bought a red HP Pavilion g6-1241sa 15.6" Laptop for £399 with my credit card. When I got home and switched it on, it was fine but after an hour so online, the touchpad became unresponsive and the mouse froze. I switched it off and back on again. The mouse worked for a few minutes, but it started to lag and became 'stuck'. I lost all confidence in the product as this was only the first day I'd had it. This morning I took it back (restored to factory settings, sealed and packaging as it was brand new) and informed staff of the pro
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