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  1. Thanks Brigadier. I'm proud of the way she's handled it all. I just wish I had the means to pay off mine.
  2. Her debts have all been settled so she isn't worried about them being statute barred. She is now taking steps to improve her record so that by the time the settled defaults drop off, she will have three years of responsible behaviour showing.
  3. Thank you. She is now dancing round the room!
  4. My daughter has settled loans that were defaulted for three years. Please can someone confirm when these will be removed from her credit record? Six years from default or six years from settlement?
  5. Yes, that is very true and I didn't mean to contradict you, sorry. I just think people should be aware that a poor credit file can still have serious repercussions abroad. In our case we are having to sell our house because the bank refused to extend the term of the mortgage which would have made the repayments affordable.
  6. This is not necessarily true. After my husband was made redundant we applied to the bank here in Spain, for a period of interest only on our mortgage. We were asked to supply UK credit reports.
  7. That's encouraging. At least we'll have a chance of finding somewhere. I'll be able to get a reference from a rental agent here which may help too. Thanks. Fingers crossed the house sale goes through.
  8. We used my husband's last address. I had huge difficulty in getting mine though. Equifax were a nightmare to deal with.
  9. I've been in Spain for nine years, but my husband commuted for six of those and still had a flat in the UK. Nothing at all has been linked to our address here.
  10. We would probably be moving to an area that we don't know, so, no local knowledge. The two debts on my file seem to have been sold on to Mkdp Lip. My husband also has defaults from First Direct, Amex, Preference cards and Lowell Portfolio. Those letting agent fees are extortionate! I wonder if it would be worthwhile trying to get a credit check here in Spain and showing copies of that. I suppose there are credit reference companies here. The record would at least show that we haven't got any bad debts in Spain where we've been living.
  11. No PPI and yes, I wouldn't do anything until I had to. What would be likely happen if I ignored them completely? Great information LaughingGirl. Unfortunately we do have a couple of CCJ although they have been settled. I wasn't aware of them until recently, but have managed to pay them. I suppose they would still go against us. There's a lot of info there that I hadn't thought of or wasn't aware of. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. We would hopefully be able to pay six months rent up front. I wouldn't be looking to take anything on credit at all. Never again! I guess it is pretty inevitable that we will be chased. I now need to work out how best to cause delays in anything actually happening. I've just been looking around the forum for the procedure to follow, but haven't yet found it. I think I start by asking them to prove that we owe the money. Is that right? The debts were defaulted four years ago. I guess demands were sent to my husbands previous address after he had left there. I don't understand
  13. I hadn't thought about the utilities. I guess it can't be avoided then.
  14. We may have a buyer for our home in Spain and I would very much like to return to the UK to be nearer to my children. Unfortunately we have had to drop the house price so low that we will pretty much just cover the mortgage and there won't be enough left to settle our debts in the UK as we had hoped. We have defaulted debts in the UK that will become statute barred in two years. I'm worried that by moving back we will suddenly be bombarded by debt collectors. Is there any way that we can stay under the radar? We will need to rent, as we won't have money to buy, but we'll hopef
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