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  1. I agree with renegadeimp, write to OFT and relate your case. I would also suggest filing a complaint with FSO. These solicitors probably don't know the whole story about your transaction with Tooth Fairy. I got a letter from them myself asking to pay a lower amount...It would have been relief to me except that..HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY CALCULATE THAT AMOUNT?? I wrote them back and told them that while they were trying to collect this lower amount from me,the triplet companies(Toothfairy, Northern Debt and Marshall Hoares) were at the same time emailing and texting me to pay an amount double than theirs. No way of course, am I going to make arrangements for 2 amounts and with 3 different companies! I've had transactions with some payday loans and have made arrangements with them, but I'm telling you...this is the ultimate dirty bunch.. Don't get stressed out. Go to OFT and FSO.
  2. Thank you for the update. I hope they shut down Marshall Hoares and Northern Debt Recovery, and even Tooth Fairy. I myself was a victim of these 3 companies an was in the process of filing a complaint with the with FSO. I have also liaised with OFT regarding them, and yes, they are collating evidence. I received emails, phone messages from all 3 of them. Lately I've been receiving 2 different amounts. I just do hope they all close them so they can stop preying on happless people. Thanks again and looking forward to further updates on this issue
  3. Did My Loans inform you of the £69.99 broker's fee? It would have been different if they were not able to help your son get a loan, but they did direct you to Wonga(OMG, the broker's fee is higher than the actual loan itself!). My Loan is a broker, not a lender so the loan issued to your son would have been dependent on the the payday loan itself. The brokers don't care how much money has been issued to you. They don't even care whether you got a loan or not. What's important to them is just to get their broker's fee from your account. Tell your son next time not to avail of the services or liaise with any company(brokers especially) promising to lend you money, or any payday company for that matter.
  4. File a complaint with the FSO they will help you get your money back(if you did apply with them, you will eventually get your money back less £5.00). If you never applied with them, then you have a concrete case and can get all the money back. I stupidly applied with this company and never got a loan through them, but FSO helped me get my money back(albeit, less the £5.00) Companies such as these are never able to get money from your account, unless you give them your account number, account name, and more importantly, the CV number(that 3 digits at the back of the card). Although I wouldn't be surprised if some companies are able to get money now without any authorisation or without one giving out his card details-blame it on some of the destructive wonders of the internet.
  5. If I were you, I'd file a complaint them against them with the OFS(Office of the Financial Ombudsman). Their strategies are tantamount to harrassment. Collate all the letters, emails and if possible calls you or they have made, as these could be made as evidences or proof of what they've been doing to you. You can also report them to the OFT(Office of the Fair Trading). Something should be done about these loan sharks, really.
  6. Good day, caggers. Today I received a claim form from the Northampton Court, for Safeloans. I have checked with the www.moneyclaim.gov.uk and it is legit; however, what annoys me is that they have recently agreed to a repayment plan with a review of 3 months and in fact I have made payments for the token money and the first payment as well. Then I suddenly got this claim form. I do not know how to respond to this; however I am not going to take this sitting down, because I find it very scheming and cunning. They have not acknowledged the payment I made as part of the repayment plan. If this is going to be case... should I bother making monthly payments then? I made a payment so by now the amount being claimed is now different. Can anyone advise me on this? I have not made any move to respond to the claim because I need advice first. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Also got a text message from Red Castle today which says : This is an important message for Mis XXXX. Please call RedCastle today on 08448940615 quoting ref xxxxx. Do they really think I'm so stupid that I would call them just like that? And spend my hard-earned money on useless phone calls? What an unethical and unprofessional company!
  8. Just call the FSO and explain your case. But don't be hopeful that you'll be able to get your money completely; it will most likely be deducted £5.00(better than not getting anything back, right?). Companies like these keep preying on hapless people(like you, me and the rest). We all just have to be wary next time. Just write them a letter first asking for a refund(make it recorded delivery), give them a deadline, and if they don't respond, call FSO. Good luck.
  9. They will not be able to get from your account unless you or anyone gave them your bank details(and that includes the 3 digits at the back of your card). Send them a letter first and if they do not respond within 10 days, call the Financial Services Ombudsman and report your case. They will write to EFS and EFS will send you some paperwork you have to fill out(some sort of refund/cancellation form). Fill this up, send it back to them, make sure it's recorded delivery. If within 8 weeks of reporting them to FSO they have not returned your money or you have not heard from them, file a complaint form with FSO(FSO will be sending this complaint form to you via post). May take some time, but you will definitely get your money back(less the £5.00). Have done this to 2 other brokers who tricked me, and FSO helped me get my money back.They are a big help, really.
  10. Got a similar letter from Safeloans as well(are they making this a hobby-sending letters with practically the same format??) What if nobody wants to negotiate with them in the end?? (name of debtor) address of debtor Letter Date Your account reference number: Please quote your account reference number in all communications Re: Safeloans Ltd v (name of debtor) Court Case Number: xxxx Balance owing on your account as of today's date:17/05/2012: £600.50 REQUEST FOR JUDGMENT IMMINENT- FINAL SETTLEMENT OFFER Dear Ms. X This is our final formal notice informing you we are at the legal stage "Request Judgment" where the issuing of your (CCJ) judgment is imminent we will inform the court that you have not paid the debt owing and we will ask the court to "Request Judgment," you will then be registered with a "CCJ." A judgment will have a very negative impact on your credit rating and will make it near impossible for you to gain any form of regular credit or finance for a whole 6 years from when registered. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ- As you are aware we have tried to negotiate with you throughout the arrears status on your account. The Courts directive is to try and "mediate settlement". Even at this late stage we offering you 2 discounted option's to settle our claim. 1/ A substantial 30% discount off the balance owing, your new discounted balance is £420.35, to take up this offer the account must be repaid in one payment and by 31/05/2012. For this offer the payment must be made by a valid Debit Card and we will set up an automated collection for the date agreed with you.This action will settle your account and stop proceedings. Please note you must contact us no later than 27/05/2012 with your proposal 2/ A 15% discount off the balance owing, your new discounted balance is £510.43, this payment arrangement is set over two months. The first payment must be made on / before 31/05/2012. This action will settle your account and stop proceedings. For this offer the payment must be made by a valid Debit Card and we will set up a payment plan on our system for automated future payments on the date agreed with you. Please note you must contact us no later than 27/05/2012 with your proposal If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the litigation team who will be able to assist you on 020 82534132 / 020 82534133 or 020 82534140. You may also send a letter or email your queries to: litigation@safeloans.co.uk If your first re-payment date is more than 7 days away you will need to make a “Token” (Goodwill Payment). Because of the seriousness of the account status a minimum token payment £20.00 must be paid to allow us to enter in to payment arrangement with you. Regards Safeloans Ltd 1st & 2nd Floor 30 Church Street Croydon CR0 1RB I have made a payment of less than £20.00 before; why would they still be needing a token payment in the first place?? It's like some sort of subtle extortion. Any advice on how to deal with the above? It's beginning to sound like some marketplace transaction, where a lot of haggling takes place. Besides, I do not want to give out my debit card details and that is one of their conditions. I do not trust the phrase "automated future payments" because that phrase has been very much abused and misused( based on my experience). Any advice would be appreciated. PS. Prior to this letter, there was a four month payment agreement which did not push through.
  11. Yes, please do write that letter. I need all the legal tidbits that I can get. Our scanner/ printer is quite busted at the moment and I will see if I can get this scanned outside. Thanks for all the help(I will certainly need all the help I can get-even I have a bad feeling about their response).
  12. I mentioned that I sent them an email reminding them that they were supposed to send an email and surprise! surprise! They replied to my email with the following : Dear XXXX We are receipt of your e mail and note the contents of your concern in regards to your outstanding loan. There is a payment plan in place for you to make payments of £150.12 per month until the debt is repaid. As also previously discussed it was put in place that we would not be obtaining a judgement as long as payments are maintained,there are also no further costs or interest to be added to your account,unless you default on making payments. The date for your first payment is due on the 30th April,could you please confirm once again how you will be making your payments and what date future payments will be made. We thank you for your kind attention in this matter. Regards Safe Loans I haven't responded as of the moment as I am quite ****ed....if I hadn't sent them an email they wouldn't be sending me an email to confirm the discussion?? How scheming can that be? And how do I know that they've deducted the £26.00 when they haven't mentioned it?? If you have any comments(on the letter or email they sent) or advice, I will appreciate it very much. PS will try to scan the letter outside as we don't hav a printer here.
  13. Yup, I will no longer call them. I think they are very good con artists/[problem]mers, really. Here are excerpts of the letter sent to me : 04/04/2012 Dear Miss XXX Re ACCOUNT NO: XXXXX CURRENT BALANCE OUTSTANDING AS OF TODAY'S DATE : $600.50 NOTICE OF LEGAL ACTION This is formal notice informing we are issuing a County Court Judgement(CCJ) claim against you. If we obtain Judgement against you we may seek to enforce this by the way of Attachment of Earnings Order/Charging Order. County Court Judgement-What does this mean? When a county court has ordered you to pay an amount of money(called "having judgement entered against you"), details of the judgement will be usually entered on the Register county court judgements(called 'registration'). If the debt is paid within one month of the judgement the registration can be cancelled. If the debt is paid after one month, it is possible to apply for the entry in the Register as 'satisfied'. Applications to cancel registration or have the enttry marked as satisfied must be made to the county court and must be accompanied by proof and payment of a small fee. Attachment of Earnings Order-what does this mean? If you cannot pay your Loan arrears, we can legally apply for an Attachment of Earnings Order against you. This means that we can instruct your employer(employer present or future) to make deductions directly from your salary to pay towards your outstanding arrears. The amounts that can be deducted from your pay will depend on how much you earn. We would prefer to mediate with you to settle this outstanding debt and arrears. This action can be avoided by either settling the outstanding amount immediately or contacting us withing 14 days from the date of this letter with a suitable agreed payment arrangement. Yours sincerely SAFELOANS Ltd On the 2nd page is a "claim form", which shows the breakdown : Amount claimed 545.50 Court Fee 55.00 Total amount 600.50 PARTICULARS OF CLAIM(attached)(to follow) The Claimant provided the defendant an agreed credit limit under a running account agreement dated 30 November 2011(short term lending), to the sum of 250. The account has no fixed furation, enabling approved sums to be drawn down up to the credit limit. Each drawdown amountplus interest will be repayable within 30 days fromdraw downdate. the repayment date was 30/01/2012 the Defendant has not given any notice to pay the Claimant early or in part and the accountis still outstanding to the sum of 545.50. The Claimant is also entitled to interest at the rate stated in the terms of the agreement. The Defendant has failed to repay the account. The Claimant claims: 1. The amount of 250.00 laon amount 2. Loan charges/Interest of 295.50 3. The Claimant total claim is 545.50 4. The claimant claims statutory interest at 8% until the date of judgment or settlement, under section 69 of the County Court Act 1984. I've already paid 26.00 and they claim I haven't paid a single cent. I am no loger going to call them for it turns out to be useless(plus I do not wish to incur wasted phone charges). On the upper right side of the so-called "Claim Form" there is a claim number. Is this for real or what? I would appreciate any advice on this matter. I have had several dealings with lots of payday loan companies and so far most have been helpful(except for this company and 2 other notorious companies). Thanks.
  14. I have also received a "Notice of Legal Action" (with a claim form) from them today for the amount of £600.50. Prior to this I received a similar letter from them several days ago, and what I did was I called their number and talked with a certain Collette(that was April 4) and we agreed on a 4 month plan in exchange for throwing away that CCJ claim and to freeze the interest and charges; also, for them to send me an email confirming our discussion. It is now the 11th and I have not received any email, only a similar letter again. I've just sen them an email regarding this. I've already made £26.00 payment and the girl said it was already deducted from the £600.50. Truth to tell, I'm not going to make any payment without that email. I won't be conned and I won't be scammed!
  15. This company took out almost £400.00 from my old bank account by the end of December(the principal was a mere £220.00) and until now they're trying to collect more than a £1,000 from me! By all intents and purposes I should've been fully paid by December last year; instead they kept adding silly charges and sending me threatening emails and letters. When you try to send them an email it bounces back and instead you have no choice but to log in to their lousy website and make a message. I've filed a complaint with them with the FSO. I wouldn't mind paying for my debts but when a company such as them has already milked me of a large amount and is still trying to get from me, now that's something else! that's outright bribery and extortion! And if they harrass you or send you threatening emails I suggest you also file a complaint with FSO.
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