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  1. Thanks for the reply PDLVictim - that is certainly all food for thought. I have to confess I have had a nose through other posts on here, and have come to the same conclusion regarding going to court.... but would love someone to prove me wrong. IF you have a 'positive outcome' from a court appearance -v- a PDL company, I would love to hear from you. Thanks again for all the advice I have been given by everyone.
  2. May I ask why you suggest this? Have you had personal experience of this company, or others like them?
  3. Yes SillyGirl - it has all been reported to OFT and Trading Standards, not that they seem that interested either. I think too my situation will change shortly, and I will no longer be in receipt of IS - going s/e and claiming tax credits. That will then probably make it look like I was taking the proverbial with my offer, although in reality I probably won't have any more disposable income than I did before. Seriously considering an IVA or something more drastic - maybe then I will get all my creditors off my back and will be able to sleep again. My mental health is seriously in decline with all this worry.
  4. I do owe them, and I am happy to pay what I owe - but this debt escalated in a ludicrous fashion, and they ignored my offers of payment. One of their gripes is that I didn't make any part payments to show willingness. Just out of interest, I was told all I should admit is the original loan plus one months interest - do Judges tend to look at that as reasonable or not? Safeloans just appear to hold the cards at the moment - they keep pulling new things out of the hat to use as part of their defence, and all I have is a pile of letters that they claim they haven't had! Just feeling very despondent. I thought that accepting the Mediation would show some willingness on my part to negotiate, but it has just left me feeling worse.
  5. Have had a bit of a wade through the posts here, as I am currently considering a move to Scotland from the UK. I do have a bit of a debt, one CCJ and several defaults, that will obviously follow me there. The process appears very different however. Can someone explain to me please the main differences between Scots and English Law regarding debt? Have to say, from what I have seen, the Scottish law seems somewhat harsher - the thought of an arrestment of my bank account would be a complete disaster. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Sorry, who should have got a Judge to look? Safeloans or the Mediator?
  7. But as their 'admission' they wanted me to deal on the phone was made to the Mediator, I doubt they will mention that in court! I just feel they must think they have a very strong case to have not budged an inch during the mediation process - and I am going to end up with an even bigger debt at the end of the court hearing. Actually, the mediator appeared quite negative to me too - he kept reminding me that going to court could result in me ending up with fees for the court hearing, and travel costs for the defendant. This is all stopping me sleeping now.
  8. Apparently the mediation process is 'without prejudice' and mentioning this in court or in my defence would 'prejudice' the judge. I have already reported them to OFT and Trading Standards. What is a Tomlin order? Does this mean that Judgement is entered against me, or not?
  9. OK, so here's the latest.... Had mediation call this morning. Safeloans are basically denying that they have received any communication from me, and that is why the debt has escalated to £609.00. I explained I had written and they had not acknowledged my offers, and their response was that I could have called and this whole situation would have been avoided. Pointed out that as their communication was so shoddy, and often incorrect, I didn't trust them on the phone. The upshot was they wanted the full £609 immediately, or over four months to avoid court. This I can't do. I reiterated my offer of £20 per month, and they will accept that but only on the full balance - no negotiation whatsoever. I offered £100 more than my defence to meet in the middle - £330 payable by £20 instalments. They declined. The best they will do is knock £50 off to give me a total balance of £559, and then I can pay that by instalments of £20 with a Tomlin order, and proof of my Income Support. (They claim to have asked for this, but I haven't got a letter from them about it). I am mindful of the fact that if it goes to court I could end up paying nearer £900, and to be honest, am so drained by this all I am tempted to take the offer and be done with it. I am, frankly, quite worried about going to court and that it could end up worse for me. I am also told by the Mediator that I cannot mention the mediation in court - ie can't mention the fact that I offered £330 today. So what was the point? Surely that would help my case? What do people think? I have not had experience of the court process, nor of dealing with these parasites before, and am at the end of my tether. Court date is set for September 28th btw.
  10. Have mediation call appointment now... does anyone have any advice they can offer on this? Not sure that it will be much help, as they haven't budged so far, but worth a try....
  11. Thanks again sillygirl, I have emailed them today and told them that I note their comments, reiterated my offer, and advised that their continual communication is also being added to my defence. I am getting worried sick about this....
  12. Yet another communication from my friends at Safeloans today.... copy of the AQ plus the following letter.... Dear Miss xxx Please see attached Allocation questionnaire as served upon you and the Court. Again the claimant invites you to settle our claim, as we are mindful of the increased cost in this claim, and we are further reluctant to protract further costs in this matter. If this claim does proceed to hearing, we will ask the District Judge for a cost to be paid by you. We hope to hear from you in due course to see an end to this matter. Yours sincerely I am getting hearily sick of their 'communications', which having gone through again today, fail to acknowledge my offer to them at any point. What costs can they ask for from me? Are they trying to avoid court, by me getting so worn down I settle just to get them off my back? They are aware that I am now in receipt of Income Support, I have offered £20 per month. Is the Judge likely to make me pay substantially more than this? Any thoughts, please. Thanks again.
  13. I have today received the Allocation Questionnaire, and have a couple of questions to clarify things in my mind before I send it back... Where it asks 'Location of Hearing' do I just put in my local County Court? And what can I give for the reasons? Are they likely to put it near me in Cornwall, or am I more likely to be expected to go off hundreds of miles? Any thoughts on the Mediation Service? Is it worth ticking yes, and seeing if they can get any sense out of them? Does anyone have any experience of using this service? And fees.... it asks if I have sent the appropriate fee for filing the aq, but gives me no clue as to how much this is.... Thanks again for the advice, and sorry to keep asking questions which probably appear quite obvious to some of you. Having never been through this process before, I am finding the advice here invaluable!
  14. Very close to Padstow Renegade... in fact, we were there yesterday! Had a fantastic carrot cake icecream! (Really, it must be tried!) Aside of that, guessing it will probably go to Bodmin then... I hope! Maybe they are faffing about as they've just realised where I am and wondering whether it's worth sending someone down here!
  15. Thanks for the kind offer SillyGirl... could use some moral support! However, really hope it WON'T be in Croydon, as I am down in Cornwall!!!
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