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  1. Hi all, I hope this is in the correct place if not i apologise in advance. ive just started work at a job as a web designer and have (after 3 days ) had what was supposed to be an induction, however it was very vaguely laid out but there where a couple of points i though i should seek advice on. the first and most important i feel is my employment contract or lack there of, i have been told that i will only receive an employment contract after completing my 3 month probationary period. At the time i didnt ask any questions but on thinking about this surly by not receiving a contract there is no paper evidence of the fact i am working and what im required to do. although this may be legit i was hoping someone may no whether or not this would effect any of my employment rights? the second issue i have is the holiday days allocated to me. ive been told that becuase im classed as part time i will only receive 12 days annual leave. the reason i feel this is unfair is that although yes i only work 25 hours a week i do so over 5 days mon-fri (5hrs a day) and given that the holiday rate is the same as normal pay surly i should receive the same 20 days that everyone else receives? by my workings out even though i work less hours than a full time person i work the same number of days over the year and given that holiday pay is the same rate as regular surly i should receive the same amount of days but only with 5 hours worth of salary for each day? Any info would be greatly appreciated and i hope you understand my question about the holiday entitlement because at this rate with my mandatory week off at christmas (which im not happy about) im only left with 1 full week i can take of in the summer to spend time with my son and to be honest if this is the case then this company is getting one hell of a deal for what there paying! Thanks for reading
  2. hi there, i hope i have posted this in the correct place, if not please could someone let me know where to post it i became un employed in january 2012, after six years of working for a decent company it was made impossible for me to return to work after suffering from reoccurring depression. Since then i have been applying for at least 6 jobs every week for the past nine months with very few interviews and responses for potential employers. about a week ago i was offered a job as a web designer in an up and coming local company where i was more than delighted to accept with the understanding that i would need to have a better off calculation worked out to ensure i would be in a better position than when i was on benefits. To my excitement even with the extra travel costs i would be bringing home an extra 100 pounds at the end of each month so i quickly accepted. this is where the problems begin.... i approached the job centre and after giving me lots of greif about how ive filled my form in wrong and how now i might not get payed my next payment i was told that because i have now been put on the work programme for being signed on for + nine months im not entitled any access to the "flexible support fund" and that as far as their concerned i no longer get any support from them. after creating quite a bit of fuss i was finally told that it was my work programme provider that would have to support me financially and after asking my provider i was told that they dont have any funds they can offer me!! so basically im now in a position where i have a decent job (which pays on the 1st of the month) with future potential that i start this coming monday however if i start work then i will no longer get any financial help from the job centre. this wouldnt be a problem but i will only be able to work 2 weeks in december because their office is closed over the christmas week and i have no holiday to use and on top if this they are taking a week in hand which means i will have to wait until the first of feb for a full months wages! im really looking on what i can do next either for help on my situation or to show the job centre / local authority / government or who ever is responsible for this stupid situation up for the hypocritical idiots they really are. to me its really becoming clear why all the people that want to work find it so hard to get back into work! ive also managed to get the office number for my local mp and i want to give him a call to see what he has to say but at the moment im not sure quite how to approach him? any advice offered would be great fully appreciated as i fully intend to start this job on monday and if there is no support from the government that surly this needs to be raised as an issue
  3. Hi all, myself and my parter have just moved in to our first house and are expecting are first baby within the next few days unfortunately and with the worst possible timing i was forced to resign from my job of 6 years because after two years of using a company van to get to and from work the company decided they wanted to take it a way and i genuinely have no offer means of getting there as my current vehicle which i need will cost me more than my salary in fuel getting to and from. since being made from december last year to jan 8th this year i should have been receiving income support (still waiting for the claim to go through because of a back log) and housing / council tax benefit. this is all a first for me so has taken a little longer to get sorted out. my main question is are there any grants or other benefits i can claim whilst im unemployed at the moment im really struggling to my my credit card bills etc and i was told that since i have been quite a large tax contributor over the bast six years i should be entitled to something though im a little nervous of going to the job centre and asking because last time i went to ask about claiming i was hit with one hell of an attitude from the advisor there, seems to be they treat everyone as someone who cant be bothered to find work!! any help you can offer on this matter would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks
  4. Hi Ive been working for my current employer for 5+ years and in the contract it states that after 5 years i must give at least 2 months notice if i wish to quit. i understand that they would not be very happy if i was not to give this period of notice however i really want to know if theres any way i can legally reduce this period as im looking for another job and im sure when i tell my potential new employer they have to wait 2 months before i can start work this will not go in my favour. many thanks
  5. i have spoken to my local office and they have been of little help, i have to drop some additional paperwork of to them tomorrow so i will discuss things further then. as things stand at the moment i am going to i am going to hand my notice in and give the contractual notice period even though unfortunately this is most likely to be spent on the sick. (does any one have any advice on this as ideally id like to start working again asap) and then find another job which there are quite a few available in my area and start a fresh with a less demanding job hopefully this makes send ??
  6. we have applied for IS and HB this week, im not sure if im allowed and what negative consequences there may be in finding / accepting a new job and still unsure of what i should do regarding my notice period?
  7. im still unsure on whether or not i have to accept the adjustments? im very sure that no adjustments will make any difference based on the way im managed and the attitude from HR and higher management. would it be acceptable to launch a grievance and then after the discussions about my return to work for me to refuse and hand in resign without any notice? also where do i stand with applying for other jobs whilst im signed off and havent handed in my notice?
  8. also would the company be able to claim that i did not inform them that the adjustments where not helping as this is nearly a year away from the last instance of sickness?
  9. im not in any union and im not covered for this in my home contents insurance. if i was to launch a grievance against the company under the grounds of discrimination and disability and they where to offer again amendments to my working envirorment would i have to accept this or could i claim that the like you said the trust between myself and the company and vis versa has been damaged to a point beyond repair and would i have to go back to work for them to try their new amended working conditions if applicable?
  10. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?331783-quitting-without-notice&p=3660094#post3660094
  11. this all started around this time last year and i was signed off for about 3-4 weeks in march with depression, i atended some therapy which was totally useless and retuned to work with a few changes and the promise that i would be helped with my work load (being the only trained engineer in the department and acting as senior engineer there was really little they could do with helping me out with my work load) this period started a few weeks ago with food poisoning and then a week later i was suffer again with anxiety and things have gone down hill from there. the company know my partner is 38 weeks pregnant and we have just moved into our first house even with this knowledge they still left it over 20 days to tell me that i would be on ssp so all the stress of trying to arrange benefits and agreements with creditors has only worsened my condition. my antidepressants where changed as when i started taking the ones i was on before they where ineffective, the second lot of meds i was given gave me servre mood swings after about a weeks of taking them so now im on a third type of med which so far isnt having much effect, i have a review with the doctor next week. as for how long it will last its unknown however i was told that it will probably be an ongoing issue and once ive found the right medication it wont be something that hinders me in work and at home
  12. i get the point about the raising a grievance however i know exactly what the company is like and they will try and put the blame on me stating i didnt make enough effort. the company has a reputation for making employees miserable enough to leave without giving them any ammunition to fight back with. if i was to make a grievance case then they where to resolve it like last time i fear that they will get me back to work and again would not follow up on the amendments decided upon and i will again be in the same situation
  13. Hi Im new to these forums and have been discussing the issue im currently experiencing here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?331740-Benefit-entitlement-advice&p=3659808#post3659808 basically my question is even though in my contract it states that after working for the company for 5+ years what are the consequences of not honouring the 2 month notice period? I feel very strongly that if i go back to this job my health will suffer more and all i really want is to take on a job with less stress and pressure? also is it an option to remain on sick leave whilst looking for another job? Any help would be gratefully appreciated many thanks
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