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    I asked because so many people have told me not to sign anything.
  2. sunnysue


    I have to go to an About You interview. Do I have to fill in the About You quesionaire and sign it? Am I able to refuse to sign it? Thanks. Sue x
  3. sunnysue


    I've had about 8 interviews with the advisor I have now. And two with other advisors. So, about 10 in all. I wish I could find something in writing to show I should only be going to 6.
  4. sunnysue


    I have to go to the jobcentre every month to see my advisor as part of WRAG. Every time I see him he says You know if you don't take certain steps to get into work, your benefit will stop. Every time I get that statement.I have been to about 8 wrag meetings now. I did ask how many I had to attend. His response was For as long as I feel you need to be seen. There is no limit I haven't been able to find anything online I can use to argue that point.
  5. sunnysue


    I,m currently in the work related activity group of ESA. My job centre advisor has told me I have to go to a "information session" with A4E. Because I have a 24mth prognosis, he says I can't be forced to go with them. But I have to attend the information session and then choose whether I want to go with A4E or stay with the job centre advisor. I haven't got a clue what would be best, so if anyone has any experience of A4E I would love to hear it please. I have to make it known though that it's not an easy option to stay with my job centre advisor. Every time I see him I get hints of sanctions thrown at me. I dread every meeting I have with him. He doesn't seem to make any allowances for my health problems at all. Anyone?
  6. Thankyou for your help.
  7. If you are transfered from IB to ESA, then fail the medical. Then win on appeal at the tribunal. Do you get your benefit backdated from when you transfered? Or do you lose the first 13 weeks after transfering?Any help appreciated.
  8. I won!!! Thanks for all your good wishes. They worked. I couldn't have had nicer people on the panel. The judge looked very much like hyacinth bucket.The people before me didn't look too happy. So I thought I've no chance here. But they gave me the decision there and then. I didn't even have to wait outside while they discussed it.The letter they gave me recommends I be reassessed again within 24 months. I don't know if the dwp will take any notice of that.Now I will have to battle to get the benefit they stopped backdated. And get back to the full amount to be paid. I am sooo relieved I can't tell you. Thanks again for thinking of me.
  9. Thank you all for your help. Will let you know how I get on. KraigO, it is Sutton that I have to go too. Hopefully I will get the same friendly people you did.
  10. Thank you. I have no problem with leaving my daughter in the waiting room. That will be ok. I just don't want her to hear everything discussed. Would the tribunal understand, if I explain it to them? I don't want them thinking "If she's well enough to come into the tribunal on her own. She's well enough to work" Thanks or your help.I don't want to pospone the tribunal. I've really had to mentally prepare myself for this one. I just want it over now.
  11. Hi. I have my ESA appeal tomorrow. I was all set. But now I'm in a complete spin. The family member that was coming to support me has had an emergency. So is no longer able to come with me.The only person available at this last minute is my daughter. However, I am claiming ESA for severe depression. And what caused the depression is something terrible that happened to my daughter.Without going into detail, It was something that really knocked us all for six. It took a lot of time, effort and worry to get her through it. I was alone in getting her through this horrible period. But eventually is all got on top of me. And it left me with the severe depression I have now.My daughter still suffers from the effects of what happened. And is still having counseling for it. And also self harms.I have supplied the tribunal with information about everything that happened.My problem is, I do not want my daughter to hear everything being discussed. It will be too upsetting for her. I know it would set her back quite a bit.But this means I will have to face the tribunal on my own. Will this go against me? Or will the tribunal understand why I am having to face them alone. Feeling really scared at this moment.
  12. Good morning. I have read on another forum that the rule has changed regarding being able to apply for ESA again after a failed appeal. As I understood it, you could reapply for esa after a failed ESA appeal as long as it has been 6 months since the appeal process had started.I read this morning that you can now only apply for ESA again from 6 months after the failed appeal. This person states it is a new rule started just a few weeks ago. Does anyone know if this is true?
  13. I posted a message a while ago asking for advice about failing my ESA medical. I was told by the lady who had informed me I had failed that I would be notified by letter. She said she would send with the letter an appeal form and a copy of my medical report. The date of that phone call was 27th Dec. To date I have received nothing at all from them. For the last few days I have been calling and calling. Several times I was told I would be called back. But no one called. I called again today and someone did return my call. I have now been told I will have to claim JSA until my appeal goes in. I was told I will have to write a letter saying I want to appeal. Then I need to call Jobcentre plus to make an appointment to put my claim in. I was told the decision would be looked at again and then if it was upheld my appeal would go through. Is it right I need to claim JSA before I can put my appeal in and get the assessment rate? I'm totally confused and don't know what I should be doing next. No one has told me anything. And time is running out to even get my appeal in on time.
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