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  1. The charge was registered as part of our banking terms related to loan agreements and overdraught facility, all of which were subsequently repaid albeit some by the forfeiture of assets. After this time a fellow director owed some money to the bank on one of his personal accounts and somehow between him and the bank they decided to provide a loan to the company which at this time was technically insolvent in order to repay his debt and in effect to repay itself. My point is that all directors were required to authorise loans etc. and I definitely did not. The bank says it has
  2. There is a registered all monies charge against my house. It relates to a business banking loans/overdraughts etc that were subsequently repaid. The LTD company was wound up in 2010. Shortly thereafter commercial recoveries contacted me regards how I proposed to repay outstanding monies. I replied that as far as I was aware it was all taken care of. That was the end of that for a couple of years, I was contacted again as above and gave the same response with similar effect. I was contacted a couple of years ago in the same manner but this time it started to escalate i.e. threatening to
  3. Hello, I did not know about it untill service of the statutory demand. I have asked for all the information with regards to this to be provided by their legal guy in January this year when I sent back the consent order to have demand set aside and have not heard anything since. Cheers.
  4. Hello, tm, that was a spelling mistake. I do apologise. I had assumed that was the case with regards to not hearing anything, but now have a ccj for approx £12,000 and was thinking that I could do without it. Are these things easily reversible? What would be the procedure? What consequences would this have on family member? though not realy a big concern. cheers.
  5. Hello, In respone to your query I did receive an order stating that demand was set aside. I submitted an application to have it set aside and was sent anconsent order from claimants in house legal guy which I signed so it could be submitted to the court. He said that he would address tm concerns I had raised in my witness statement this was early Jan 2012 and was the last I have heard. Cheers
  6. Hello, I received a statutory demand in late Dec 2011 for over £10,000 which was set aside on the request of the legal department of the company pursuing the money. I informed them that I had no knowledge of any outstanding debt or subsequent court proceedings and explained that it must have been a family member who had used the account without my knowledge who had since been witholding the correspondence from me as it was not sent to my address but to my deceased parents house where I had previously lived and where they now reside. The guy who served the statutory declaration told me that the
  7. Hi, I am new to this so dont know if this is in the correct place, but a family member used credit accounts that were mine as a sole trader. The mail address for the accounts was not my home address, havin recently moved home without foolishly notifying them of the change of address as the accounts were rarely used. As such I was unaware of any outstanding liabilities untill bailiffs had tracked me down after ccj had been granted one presenting me with a statutory declaration which I had set aside. In both instances I questioned the validity of the claim with bailiffs and sent them on their
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