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  1. They don't have to have to supply a copy of the actual agreement to satisfy the CCA request. They do need the original to enforce in court.
  2. I didn't use my real phone number with the CRA's for this very reason.
  3. Everything shown on my Experian and Equifax reports is on Noddle, so I'm happy with the service. If you use any of the CRA's you run the risk of DCA's buying your info and contacting you.
  4. If you want to know for sure then a SAR would be your wisest option. Alternatively you could stop wasting your time and effort and just ignore them.
  5. Definitely missing prescribed terms at time of signature. If I understand it correctly, they'd need to produce those in court for it to be enforceable. In any case, by not supplying them as part of the CCA request, the account is in default until they do supply the Ts&Cs from the time of signature. Looks like you need to prepare your defense on that basis rather than concentrating on the wrong date. I can just make out that the application refers to "terms and conditions provided"... so where are they??
  6. Even though the debt is unenforceable they can still chase for the money and update your credit file. Until, that is, it goes SB. Then you can tell them so and you won't be paying, and they'll have to stop chasing you. Until then they can still chase you for the debt, as it still exists regardless. You could also sent the account sold in dispute letter, as they shouldn't be doing this until your CCA request is complied to.
  7. If they removed the default and sent you a default notice, are you in a position to pay it off in full to avoid getting the default? If not, they'll just remove the default, issue you with a DN and simply re-apply the default as and when you don't pay in full.
  8. Dry your eyes! They are sub-human **** and rely on fear to collect debts. Chin up and feel safe in the knowledge they CANNOT touch you.
  9. OK, stop speaking to them on the phone. If they call again TELL them to put it in writing and put the phone down. Acknowledgement only counts if you pay or put it in writing. Their letters are designed to scare you into paying, don't be scared. Send them a letter stating the debt is statute barred and you won't be paying. Someone will be along to post a link to the letter template soon enough.
  10. They actually put in writing that they would come to your house and take your stuff??
  11. Have you requested files from all 3 CRA's?
  12. Don't waste any more money on postage, they've had their warning. If, and that's a BIG if, anyone turns up then tell them to leave. If they don't call the Police.
  13. That's what I did. DCA calling at all hours and threatening me on the phone even after repeated letters to tell them to stop. I called my provider, told them I was getting nuisance calls and they issued me with a new number. I've had no more calls since and funnily enough they started writing. When my mobile contract was up for renewal last year I requested a new number. I've been threat free for over a year now and I deal with the DCA via letter. Yeah, it's inconvenient having to tell everyone your new number, but it's a better option than having it ringing at 9pm and waking our baby every night of the week. On top of that, I get a good feeling that I've had one over this DCA and got exactly what I wanted in the end.
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