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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply, i was under the impression that because i had claimed on my ppi that i could not make a claim for it back, also when you say Check my cra file im not sure what this means, regards jim.
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply, Im not sure if there are any charges i can claim back, The Natwest loan i took out is the biggest debt, also i told natwest what my situation was but they carried on taking the monthly payments out of my current account until my overdraft limit was reached which added another £1500 debt onto me,
  3. Hi my name is jim, a few years ago i took out a loan from natwest who after several months asked me to call in as i was due a review Not knowing what it was i called in and to my suprise i was offered another loan to consolidate all my debts which as i was earning i said yes the loan was for £ 25,000 of which i recieved around £1,2000 and the rest was deducted for my previous loan, . I also had a £5000 loan from alliance and Leicster which with interest and PPi amounted to £11000, But i had no trouble payin them. I also had a credit card with natwest and we had pur
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