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  1. Good afternoon all, I'm just writing this to report another successful claim against Capital One. My son received a letter today to say that they would refund all of his charges, plus interests and costs (approximately £650). He had entered a MCOL, which CapOne acknowledged, and was waiting to see whether they would enter a defence. In between this he received an offer of only £250 and before he had chance to write to them to reject the offer, a letter offering the full amount arrived today. Good luck to anyone else claiming from CapOne. Remember - persistence is they key - you WILL get ALL of your money back. Regards Charles.
  2. Hi Lucid, Thanks for the response. Do you think it's advisable to ask them to withdraw the conditions? I would prefer to bring this matter to a close and feel that rejecting their offer due to the associated conditions will drag this on further. However, I also want to reserve my right to take court action in the future (should this be necessary). Will accepting these conditions mean that I have to accept further charges and thus lose any future right to make a claim? As I mentioned in my previous post, surely agreeing to these conditions does not have any impact on the legalities of this issue. I'm assuming that any future charges will continue to remain illegal, unenforcable and also reclaimable, whether I agree to the conditions or not. Would this also be your take on the matter? Thanks Regads Charles
  3. Thanks Lucid. There are five conditions on the letter. Number 1,2,3 are straight forward. Number 4 basically states that I agree to keep my account within the agreed limits. Number 5 states that I will incur further fees should I breach my o/d limit. Do you know whether conditions number 4 & 5 are standard? If I agree to these conditions, does it mean that I will have to accept these charges in the future? (I assume that this would not be the case as the fact that these charges are illegal still remains). Thanks and regards Charles.
  4. Hi SR, I was at exactly the same stage as you. They paid up after I sent my allocation questionnaire. The total of my claim was approximately £1080. Keep going - I'm sure a final and full settlement is not far away. Regards Charles
  5. Hi everyone, I received a letter from Lloyds TSB's solicitors yesterday and they've offered me all my charges, plus interest and costs. What bemused me about the letter is that the still won't admit any wrong doing. They claim that they still intend to defend the claim, and that the charges aren't illegal, but they are paying me only because the legal costs would exceed the amount being requested. I'm returning the letter asap and will drop my court case when the payment goes into my bank account. I urge anyone thinking about reclaiming their charges, or currently going through the process, to continue with your claim until you get FULL repayment. Don't get put off by any of the bank's underhanded tactics. Thanks to everyone involved with this site for creating such an excellent source of information. Regards & thanks to all. Charles.
  6. The MCOL particulars has the following... When calculating the daily rate of interest, I understand that I use my total charges but do I add the 8% interest to this amount. E.G Total Charges £500 Statutory interest (taken from spreadsheet) £140 So total of £640 x 0.00022... Or is the interest that's added only used if you know your overdraft interest? So in this case it would just be £500 x 0.00022... Any replies appreciated Charles.
  7. Any ideas anyone? Charles
  8. Hello everyone, I need some advice regarding my claim and I would be grateful of any replies. I am claiming £780 in charges and £220 (approximately) in statutory interest from Lloyds. I have filled in the MCOL and have been notified that the defendant has been served with the papers. The deadline for Lloyds’ response is Saturday (6 January). Today I have received a written offer from the bank of £750. However, although this amount almost equals the total charges, it does not cover the interest; and neither does it cover the fee of £80 (which I have paid to MCOL) I have a few questions... 1) Shall I accept the offer as partial payment, but continue to pursue the full costs (i.e. including the total charges, plus interest and the £80 MCOL fee). Or, should I just accept the offer and leave it at that. 2) Now that Lloyds have written to me with an offer, can they consider this as meeting their 14 day deadline? Or do they still have to contact the courts with a defence/acknowledgement etc? 3) If I do not pursue this through the court, can I get a refund for my £80 MCOL? Any replies appreciated. Charles.
  9. Perfect. Thanks for the swift reply Michael. Charles.
  10. Hi everyone, I've had a good look around the site, but I still can't find an answer to a question I have. As part of the charges levied on my account, I've been charged £90 in "overdraft usage fees" (2 x £20 and 2 x £25). What I'd like to know is whether I can claim these back? Or are they considered part of a "service" (thus they cannot be claimed for)? Many thanks in advance for any replies. Charles
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