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  1. No, the tax code is also identical. Anything else I can let you know about? Thanks Chris
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, the gross is identical. The NI is also identical, it's just the PAYE that's different. I've spoken to our payroll and they say that their Sage software just updates automatically so any tax changes are done without their intervention. Does that help? Thanks Chris
  3. Hi all, I checked my PAYE Tax in May and it was around £300. In June it had shot up to over £400. Is this due to the UK budget coming into effect or is something unusual here? I've been advised to investigate with HMRC but knowing how long they take to do anything I thought I'd ask here first Thanks Chris
  4. Hi Not yet. Just a letter from the lender saying they've contacted the solicitor to progress with a court hearing. Could be an empty threat of course Chris
  5. Hi all, I have been waiting for the day my mortgage lender actually pulls their finger out and takes to court the fact that I'm underpaying into the mortgage and arrears are building up. The ex, other name on the mortgage, decided to stop paying into the mortgage a few months after she left the property, breaching the contract with myself and the mortgage lender. I have had an assessment on my finances and have proven why I can only pay a certain amount, and simply cannot afford the full repayment amount on my own. The ex owes about £15,000 in missed payments now. She declared h
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