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  1. unclebulgaria67, can you help me draft up the initial complaint please, so its given in with the deadline. I can also request medical records atthe same time.
  2. Hi Honybee, My mother has never smoked but she has had Asthma - again the GP for reasons mentioned above in this thread is at faulty and I agree with some of points raised by lillywhites. I will be going to the surgery to request my mothers medical notes, I need a letter of authority to show the receptionists to request the medical notes because my mother can't go to the surgery herself. Is there a document I can give to the receptionist to request my mothers medical notes, as they want something in writing. HoneyBeem In the mean time, can you help me start drafting up the initial complaint please
  3. The GP did send my mum to the wrong ward, upon arrival to this ward, I gave my mothers details at the reception in the ward, my mothers had difficulty breathing, high temperature, not aware of her surroundings, in pain was told to sit in chair and someone would come see her. Nobody came for over 2-3 hours. I asked several members of staff because I was frantic with worry when someone would come to help my mum or even give her oxygen/nebulisers f from a machine as she was struggling to breath. Around 2 hours passed and a health care worker that was passing through I managed to speak to her. I explained 2-3 hours had passed and nobody still had come to see my mother. She immediately said because of my mothers age and her having pneumonia she should not have been sent to this ward by the GP. The GP should have sent us to the elderly ward as she was a priority patient. She said in clear words the GP was at fault. This was not a medical assessment unit - we were sent by the GP to the wrng ward and it would not have been picked up if I did not by luck speak to this health care worker that was passing by. The medical assessment was done once we got to the correct ward - The elderly ward.
  4. I agree with you regards registering an initial complaint against the GP so it does not fall outside the 3 deadline, then the other complaints I can do once I have the medical records, would you say this is the way to go about this? I want thisGP be taken into account for his medical negligence towards my mum over a long period of time, but I have him on a recording saying 'its my fault' - so he's admitted it. So he can't do the same to other patients, even on the surgery website he has a whole list of negative reports from other patients, so its not a new thing. He's gone downhill and is now complacent, so go the complaint route and if I was to try to sue, is that a different process compared to logging a complaint?
  5. O.k, can I get request these on behalf of my mum, is there a template I can use to take to the surgery, the surgery receptionists are very akward, what if they refuse to take the printed request and insist on my mum coming to the surgery in person? The incident in 2014 is approaching 3 years but the other incidents are not nearly 3 years - in other words the GP's have been ongoing since 2014, so do you think its worth drafting a letter now and sending that in or get the medical notes and if the 2014 incident is missed because its nearing 3 years deadline, then focus on other incidents after 2014? I did ring the surgery for the cost of medical notes, the receptionist was very awkeward not wanting to tell me what the process was and kept saying the person who deals with it is on holiday.
  6. Sorry been away from the forum for a while, but now I am ready to get this complaint letter drafted up with everyones help here. In reply to your question below, the GP had sent my mother home the previous week for 'cold/virus' and only gave her paracetamol, a week later her condition was worse, I went with her to the GP and he tried to fobb me off saying my mom had a 'cold/virus' and there was nothing he could do and going to the hospital was a waste of time - the way he came across/his tone of voice was very negative. I stood my ground, told the GP to check my mums chest (it was crackling very loud with her coughing) and I said I think its Pneumonia, he refused at first and only after I pressured him he checked! I said she shows signs of Pneumonia. Only and only after I told the GP my mum had signs of Pneumonia, the GP confirmed my mum had Pneumonia in her right lung. - This shows the GP oringinally lied, did not want to take resposibility and wanted to send my home. Because of her age, she was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with COPD this is in 2014 - since then this same GP has been reluctant to give the correct treatment to my mother, whenever she has seen him - he always tells her its a ''virus and I won't give you anything' Last year her chest was crackling loudly for 1-2 weeks, she went to the same GP who said the same thing 'I won't give you anything' - my mum begged the GP to help her and give her some medicine or send her to hospital - her refused. He should have known my mum was diagnoised with COPD in 2014 and he should have taken greater care in diagnosing her condition that day - but he did not. The staff nurse last year told me my mums lungs are damaged - why did her GP as a proffesional keep sending her home, he did failed to diagnose or did not care and kept sending my mum home! That same week year, I had to call am abulance at night, because my mums condition got worse, the Parademics gave her oxygen, as her breathing was not stable, her BP was just over 200, she was drenched in sweat. They suspected it could be a heart attack and gave her some medication under the tongue and took her straight to the hospital where they did blood tests, heart/lung tests etc, they put her on drip and gave her a Nebuliser through the oxygen mask (when she was discharged, the hospital gave my mum a Nebuliser Machine to take home to help open the lungs, as they said the lungs have been damaged) - Damaged because the GP since 2014 did not take the appropriate action. My mum was placed on a COPD pathway where nurses came to visit/check mum at home for weeks after she was discharged from the hospital. The looks were damaged/weak and the phlelgm was stuck like tar to the lungs and would not come out. I told these nurses it was the GP's fault just fobbing my mum off with 'you've got a virus' each time she went. The nurses were aware of this and one did said it was the GP's fault, he should have sent my mum to hospital prior to mums condition getting worse in 2014 - when she was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with COPD. When my mum had was ill in 2014 - the GP failed to do the appropriate checks, GP should have picked up it was a chest condition and taking in to account my mums age, should have taken the right course of treatment - but he did not and mums lungs got worse. On a reorded conversation a few weeks ago I rang the GP and managed to get through to him, I said its all your fault my mum got damaged lungs/COPD etc. you kept sending her home for just a 'virus' and I have him on record saying 'I admit its my fault...' - so he finally admitted its his fault! Now I need someone here to help me draft up a letter of complaint to the GP practice and one to the NHS regarding the actions of this GP.
  7. I really need the expert advice here from you guys, to help me write a complaint letter against a GP . 1. In Dec 2014 my elderly mum went to see the GP, who told her nothing is wrong with you, go home and just take paracemtols. Later the same day my mums condition deteriorate, so she went back to see the GP. This time I went in with my sister as my mum could hardly walk and we had to hold her by the arms to help in walk. Inside the GP's room, the same GP my mum had seen earlier in the day, told us she "just has a cold/virual infection, go take parecetamol". He also said " telling her 'Your wasting time going to the hospital - disgraceful and unproffesional. I said she's showing signs of Pneumonia and I demanded he send her to the hospital, because she was in a very bad way. He said "your wasting your your time, all they will give is parectamol". I demanded he send my mom to hospital, so he relunctly provided a letter and admitted it was my mom had Pneomonia. The letter we were to show the hospital. 2. Once in the hospital ward, we gave the letter to someone working the ward and were told to wait. Over 2hrs passed and after repeatedly asking to help my mum. We were told the GP had sent us to the wrong ward!! and not the ward for the elderly. 3 Once in the correct ward, we ended up waiting and waiting and were eventually told "Your mums names is at the bottom of the list!!! She was kept in for overnight, put on a drip and given medican All above was on Dec 2014 ----- Now in Oct 2016 my mums health deteriorated, she went back and it was the same GP (she saw in Dec 2014) - my mum was begging him to send her to hospital, her chest felt like it was fire, she was wheezing, had phelgm stuck to her chest, But the GP said NO! My mum was begging him for medication or send her to the hospital but he said "Its not Pneumonia and I'm not giving you anything" - so my mum went home!! Since Oct 2016 (after her visit to the GP) in Oct 2016, my mums health deteriorated and just last week, she was strugling to breath and an abulance was cold out, She had phelgm stuck to her lungs, and the narrowing of chest and windpipe, she now has COPD because of the se the serious and repeated mistakes the GP has made, he ignored my mums serious condition whenever she went to see him. Please someone help me write a really good complaint letter
  8. Update...the insurance has paid me out in settlement for the cost to fix my room from the inside. Plus I've found out the names of the owners next door and have also found out next doors house is being let by an lettings agency who have let the house fall into a health hazard from the inside and outside, with ceiling plaster falling apart and the back garden full of rubbish. How the lettings agency is getting away keeping the house in the state it was and letting it out is beyond me. The losss adjuster has said I can fix the next door roof to stop water coming into my house and then send them the bill, they will then try to recover the costs from the tenant, whereas my insurance have said to request the loss adjustors report which confirms next door is liable to the damge to my porperty and send that report to the lettings agency and ask them to pay. The loss adjuster told me they can't provide me with the surveyors report until after my insurance put in a request for it. I also want to write to the council environmental health department and report the lettings agency and the house next door and the state that its in, can anyone please help me draft up a quick email I can send to the council. thanks to everyone thats been helping me
  9. The the repair needs sorting urgently but the insurance are saying its my job to trace the owner of the empty propert next door and ask them to repair their roof, then the insurance will sort the repair to my home. The argument is its the neighbours damaged roof which is letting all the water into my house, so that needs fixing first but its the owners repsonbility. Why can't the insurance simply contact the councils have an empty homes officer and get the landlords details for the empty propert next door, then ask him to repair his roof or claim against him?
  10. The inusrance company are telling me its my job to find out who owns the empty property next door and then ask the owner to go repair his roof to stop the water coming into my house, only then will the insurance repair my house from the water damage, which is getting worse day by day. (I will post pics on here to show the damage to my house) They told me this over the telephone, I don't have it in writing. It's truly outrageous treatment. They are dragging their feet, its been nearly 5 weeks now and the room is getting worse and worse day by day. I rang the insurance company today, told them the council will not provide the owners details to a 3rd party (me) and its the insurance the council need to ring them to request the information. I really want this sorted asap before the walls in the house start collapsing.
  11. Your right it's a living nightmare, its pointless repairing my home because its going to happen again because next doors roof is not repaired and its an empty house. I've found the names of the 3 owners of the house next door from the land registry - but there is no contact number, just names on the land registry report. Whats really got me angry is the insurance company asking ME to find out the owner of next door and then telling me I have to ask the owner to repair his roof! Why can't my insurance find the name out and speed things up? - I asked them this question and they said they don't have a way to find out and I've to ring the council, I think thats complete rubbish, what can I do?
  12. My bedroom walls are being water damaged and progessively getting worse and worse, the plaster is now falling off in sections. I've had a builder come out to lool and they have told me the adjoining roof of the house next door is damaged and thats how the water is coming into my bedroom. The insurance surveyor came out to look and sent the report to the insurance company (time of writing its now been 4 weeks) after me having to daily chase up the insurance company I have now been told, they will pay to repair the water damage to the interior of my house BUT they want me to first some find the contact details of the landlord that owns the empty property next door, before they fix the water damge (because the neighbour has to fix his roof, to stop the water coming into my house) The insurance company is telling me to contact the council and tell them the neighbours roof is damaged and water is coming through the neighbours house and damaging my walls. The only thing I have found on the land registry is the names of the 3 people that own the empty house next door which is in a bad state, they are no other details like phone number, so i can't ring the owner of the house next door and ask him to repair his roof and once thats repaired the insurance will will then repair the my bedroom walls. It looks like my insurance is asking me to do their work and find the owner or they just want to drag this on and in the mean time my house is being damaged with water whenever it rains because of the next door neighbours house roof which needs to get fixed to stop water coming into my house. What can I do, I can't sleep in the bedroom anymore because all the walls are damp and wet. Is it not the insurance jobs to locate the owner of the house next door and ask them to repair his roof? then the insurance can repair my house? please help me, i feel like crying
  13. MIKE770, I dont understand your reply below, please explain
  14. On my visit in Dec 2014 having explained to the receptionist to update my records to show I was now not on JSA I assumed eveything was now o.k, I had no idea the dental practice or the receptionist would go and claim from the NHS for my treatment, why they did this I do not know? maybe they get paid much more from the NHS than if I had to pay them myself? I don' know why they did this! The dentist practice ask you to pay once youve finished a course of treatment and I assumed after my visit in Dec 2014 my course of treatment was starting new or had not finished and I would be asked to pay on my next visit in 2015
  15. When I originally went to the dentist in the summer June or July 2014 I was on JSA, I cant remember If i signed anything then, my next appointment was in Sept 2014 (not on JSA) cant remember if i signed anything (which I why I want the FP17 form) because I think the dentist must have sent the forms off that I may have signed in June or July 2014, I was landed with a penalty charge of £150 for the Sept 2014 visit. The £150 charge letter for the Sept visit was received in Dec 2014, I had an appoitment that same month at the dentist where I took the penalty charge letter and queried why this had happened and I asked the receptionist to update the records to show I was now not on JSA, the receptionist said she had updated her records to show this and she told me to contact the practice manager who response was "The charge is levied irrespective of any misunderstanding or error on either part(patient or receptionist) as at the end of the day there appears to be no confusion as to whether you were in receipt of any benefit" What I want to know is if the receptionist had updated my records when I asked her in Dec 2014, then why was I landed with a 2nd penalty charge for my Dec 2014 visit last week? And why did the dental practice try to claim from the NHS for my treatment when I had clearly explained to the receptionist in Dec 2014 I was not on JSA and the receptionist told me she had updated my records Ive had to pay £300 and I feel its the dental practics fault
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