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  1. She told me it's OK verbally in my exit interview, and I agreed the start date in my new job after this.
  2. In the job 3 years Paid monthly Contract yes Notice period one month
  3. I don't, the holiday entitlement resets 1st of January and my notice is due to end on the 14th of January.
  4. Hiya...new here and looking for some advice. I handed in my notice in writing and stated that I would like to leave 9 days earlier than the end of my notice period, stating the date that I would like to leave and handed it in. My boss received the notice, acknowledged the receipt and said that she foresees no problems with me leaving early and I thought that's it. Now she has gone back on the earlier promise and said she wants me to work the full notice or I will be in breach of contract. Now, I'm just a lowly office worker, I am not a sales person or hold any kind of classified information about the company I work for. I have been asked to start at my new job at the date that I told my employer I want to leave and it is not a competitor or indeed anything to do even with the industry. Oh and I stated in my notice letter that I am more than happy to waive the remaining pay for my notice period in exchange for leaving early. So I guess, my question is...can my employer force me to work the remaining nine days? Cause if I do, I will lose the new job and boss knows this. I have already said I don't want to be paid, what other leverage does my employer have? Can they badmouth me to my new company if I leave as I intended?
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