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  1. It may just be coincidence but I'm pretty sure they only post monday to fridays but I wonder who's paying them
  2. Hi, What chances do you reckon they will have that original loan agreement from 1997 ?, I got my mum to go back down the local branch to ask the adviser for a copy of the loan agreement (a reconstructed copy) but she stated she wasn't able to go back that far and advised we fill out the FSA questionnaire complaint and they will investigate and sort it all out on their side. I suspect it was the system search issue or my mum not providing information on the loan settlement statement to narrow the search. I'm not comfortable entrusting the bank to take care of it and would prefer to know the terms of the original loan agreement in order to provide an accurate complaint so it doe's not undermine what is said if it's rejected and referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service. I think the problem is she's had loans with Barclay's in the past but cannot remember which loan had the ppi on, she also told the adviser about the previous loan not having ppi on despite it being flagged. I don't think she properly explained to her how I checked ie the repayments on the loan settlement statement from the SAR and the historic book of bank statements and she proceeded to explain that some ppi policy's come as a single premium payment which I've checked and no lump sum was taken out at the start of the loan but she advised to put in a complaint anyway. I've advised her NOT to as I'm confidant it's not had ppi on and feel it will undermine her legitimate complaint and/or look as if we're an opportunist or completely clueless complainer I think she is frustrated that I've taken so long to proceed with this complaint but I wasn't happy to till I was confidant and knew what I was doing but her friend at work recently received a phone call from his bank and 8 weeks later received £3500 redress) I've tried explaining the circumstances would have been different etc but also now Barclay's have written to my brother to invite him to complain so she doesn't understand why it's taken me so long to proceed with her complaint. I think I should request the original loan agreement for the unconfirmed loan (1997) that came with a loan settlement statement but no loan agreement. Maybe someone on here is able to give an educated guess judging by the amount borrowed, APR and the monthly repayments to see if it seems like an additional fee was being paid to ppi. Accept that there is no ppi on the loan that has differing reconstructed loan agreements and do not complain. Then get her to call Barclays Insurance Dublin and provide them with all her previous addresses (Aprox 5) to check the credit card section on the prequal. one is flagged as having ppi and is an active current Barclaycard so what information do I need in regards to that ?
  3. I've checked both loan agreement's monthly repayments against the loan settlement statement and the book of historic bank statements and shows the lowest monthly repayment which would seem no payment protection insurance was taken or paid for ? Being that they've provided me with reconstructed loan agreements and not actual copies of the original agreements. Doe's that legally comply with my SAR ?. I've said before they look very basic and generic and not satisfied with the provided information but accepted as 3 of her loans was taken out very recently (2011/2012) it is very unlikely to have been sold with ppi. It was also noted by the loan adviser she was capable of searching much further back than the early 2000's loan agreement she printed out but required the files was unarchived which would take some time so mutually agreed not to proceed. Is it worth me doing an experian credit check (free trail) to see her full credit history as she's taken out credit with capital one and has a mortgage with another provider but also it should show if Barclay's has missed other loans out ? It's a little confusing as there's a section on Barclay's provided Pre-Qual - PPI under 'Credit Card Details' which shows several columns including 'product, card account number, card number, account open date, account close date, account status code, primary card holder flag, account ppi flag and ppi start date' It list's 5 Barclaycard Visa's and 1 Barclaycard Mastercard with only 1 visa displaying a 'Y' under account ppi flag (ppi start date 1992) (Account open date late 2000) with all other cards displaying an 'N' in the account ppi flag but displaying the same ppi start date as the 3 other Visa accounts. They all have different card account numbers, card numbers, account open date and account close date with some accounts not being opened several years after the ppi start date 1992.
  4. Hey, Thanks for the advise and not to doubt the forums member's but is this a legal entitlement I can enforce as some of the advise given and read from MSE suggest they're not legally obliged to send me any information dating back further than 6 years so even though they've provided some information going back further doe's this exempt them from legally having to provide a certificate of deletion if the loan agreement exceeds 6 year limitation as is the case with the Barclayloan that dates back to early 2000's and closed in 2005 ? They sent me a loan settlement statement with no loan agreement. I might attempt to attain it from my local branch as they seemed surprisingly assistful as on several occasions my mum said why not just go into the local branch and ask which loans had ppi on (as she seems to get along really well with one of the loan advisers) and was going down their anyway claiming it would make things easier but I was under the impression he/she wouldn't have the permissions or authorization to assist customers in their ppi complaints) as I heard most branches have dedicated ppi set ups so I advised against it in fear they would hi jack and take over the complaint process (She ignored my advise) but another employee who appeared to be listening in suggested it was unnecessary to go the extent of requesting a SAR and that we could have just came down and handled it all their. That's when she made a comment and asked if we had used a template letter from MSE which made my mum feel embarrassed so she denied using it and she stated the SAR's and Martin Lewis was not accurate in their requests/sar demands and that most of the requested information was unnecessary anyway. Yet if I hadn't requested a SAR it would be unclear to me which loans had ppi on. Which I'm still somewhat unaware as it only states one loan has unconfirmed ppi.. and has no loan agreement just a loan settlement statement and a Barclaycard Visa which has ppi on. And of course now it's been discovered from our local branch that one of the 5 loans has had ppi and provided the loan agreement (minus the loan settlement statement) which we have from the SAR. My main issue is they've sent out the acceptance/loan agreements but not one has any signed signature so how doe's this make it an agreement ? Presumably they should have the loan agreement with my mother's signature on showing she accepted and agreed to the T&C's of the loan and is obviously quiet concerning they're able to produce two identical copy's one with ppi and one without with additional info under the T&C's stating "Money-back guarantee if you change your mind: If after taking out Barclayloan protection and reading the policy, you do not want to continue with the insurance please return you policy to us. Please do this within 30 days of receiving the policy. As long as you have not made a claim, nor intend making one, we will cancel your policy and give you your money back. After 30 days, if you cancel, any refund of premium will reduce throughout the term of the loan" So how do I know which agreement was sent out at the point of sale if no signature is on either ?
  5. I first created this thread on MSE a week ago but received very few replies and attracted ppi forum trolls who defend the bank claiming what possible motive could their PPI team have for being deceitful. This is a complaint I've been handling on behalf of my mum against Barclay's and requested a subject access request using a template letter. I'm yet to start the official complaint process The contents of the SAR included (4) unsigned loan agreements with some including a loan settlement statement attached and (1) loan settlement statement on it's own for the 2nd Barclayloan but was unaccompanied by a loan agreement. A book of historic bank statements dating back to 1998 .Data protection cover letter .Prequel print/PPI prequal - A table of columns detailing current and previous products taken out such as current accounts, loans and credit cards which includes columns 'Account PPI Flag', 'Arrears Flag' and 'BRU Flag' showing a simple Y, U or N to indicate if PPI was/is present. .A 40 page booklet with a cover page titled 'Data Subject Access Return Service Point ODP' contains a glossary of acronyms & abbreviations most of the pages are structured the same with personal details a lot of which shows 'no data held'. on the PPI Prequal it shows a 'U' for unconfirmed on "Barclayloan protected" account opened on & closed paid in full on which I have the statement of payments (loan settlement statement) and a Y with premium present under one for a "Barclaycard Visa" with PPI present start date . All other loans had 'N' to indicate no ppi was sold (5 loans disclosed in total, with 3 being started in 2011/2012 so satisfied PPI was unlikely pushed/sold) other 2 date back 10 to 15 years yet when visiting our local branch we enquired if PPI had ever been sold and the system immediately flagged a Barclayloan that had PPI sold despite the PPI Prequel stating otherwise. She even printed out a copy of the loan agreement which looks identical to the one received in the SAR except this version has an additional column showing 'Premium Loan next to the 'Cash Loan' plus included addtional columns under the T&C's about payment protection insurance. Neither loan agreement is signed for so is not a copy of the original loan agreements plus the in branch copy did not included a loan settlement statement but the SAR has it enclosed in the loan agreement. In branch loan agreements with the additional column displaying ppi: Amount of Loan ................ .......... Cash Loan ............. Premium Loan Total Charge For Credit................. £########............. £###### Total amount payable .....................£####### ...............£####### Monthly repayment ........................£####..................... £#### Number of Repayments .................£### .......................£### Your monthly repayments will start one month after your loan is drawn. Cash Loan PPI Preqel: Product Class ...................... Product Code ............Account PPI Flag LOANS .................................BARCLAYLOAN .................. 'U' .................... .......................PROTECTED LOANS ................................BARCLAYLOAN ........... ........ 'N' ..........................................UNPROTEC TED It states on the Prequel Print "Please note in some cases, such as Mortgages the report will detail the account numbers, but may show with a 'U' against the product. This 'U' stands for uncomfirmed as out system search as yet cannot identify whether there was a PPI sale for a small number of products such as Mortgages. In these instances, if you believe there was PPI on the product or you believe there may have been, then please proceed with a claim. Upon receipt of your claim the PPI team will undertake a manual search of our systems to identify if any premiums under PPI have been paid on that product. All premiums paid will be taken into account dealing with your claim. Never had a mortgage with Barclays so is not a mortgage, and did not flag up in local branch which I suspect their systems are unable to detect also.. but this unconfirmed Barclayloan is the one that came without the loan agreement and only have the loan settlement statement so seems if they're being obstructive and deceitful concealing a loan agreement (no deletion certifcate or reason given why it's not supplied) and told all other Barclay loans did not flag up yet our local branch system had managed to flag a Barclayloan (unprotected) immediately. She did not disclose or mention about Barclay's systems not being able to detect a small number of products ie unconfirmed Barclayloan but did give the number for Barclays in dublin to find out more about Barclaycard's ppi
  6. I am absolutely stunned it has certainly turned into a laughing matter. Not 1 Fleshlight came in real packaging. I expected the tin can packaging they're essentially received as OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer not retail that may have seemed obvious to some since purchasing from the manufacturer but no where doe's it state it won't be delivered in retail packaging and on some area's of the site it show's the tin packaging. For £450 a price negotiation is definitely required. Even the paper billing is shoddy as ink in printer is clearly running out with only some of it actually printed Edit: Fleshlight cases did not come sealed just loose cases. People may thing I am being picky but at a cost of near £10 for plastic I expect it to arrive without imperfections, dirt and what ever have you.
  7. Personal, as explained before I'm buying them all now so I never have to return or deal with this company again. Side note: Made my 4th purchase attempt last night thinking maximum web order was £350 (€437) and failed due to exceeding $350 so I split my order into two separate transactions totaling to just over £440 plus they owe me £8.19 so in total spent £450 with zero service. £10 of the £440 was commission is it right buyer pays all the commission for sending payments when clearly I was charged commission on receiving my refund ? Deduct 30% is fair, plus 18% Spanish VAT it just under 50% off which reflects paying half which they've delivered half. Also this is 3rd account they've taken money from my bank before processing my order or before dispatching which is said to be bad business and frowned upon by Visa/Mastercard. I think they may use automated software and keep in house upto date live stock as they're the manufacturer is unlikely they would be out of stock but in receipt it says Tax: €0 The website should also have options to switch between currencys €URO & £GBP. Not impressed will keep posted if they send tracking numbers this time. Spent just under £50 on two shipments due to exceeding maximum web order amount as no service personal would email me back. My only concern now is they start processing my old orders and take money for it ? Edit: Both orders have been dispatched & tracking number is available by logging into my Fleshlight account and checking order status yet it is good industry standard to inform the customer that the tracking number would be available their or to even send a separate email with tracking. First time I created an account I could not sign in and when using 'Forgot password' tab it said cannot find your details in our database so no tracking was available and I did not receive a receipt of my order so I canceled as I had wished to change the order. I canceled that shipment whilst package was still in Spain. 3 or 4 days later I received an info card that UPS had attempted to make a delivery but upon updating it processed return to shipper and is shown to be en route back to Spain. Is in France at moment
  8. Poor levels of customer support in general, failure to escalate repeated request to speak to senior manager, failure to provide receipt/reassurance of my refunded transaction. I have made several inquires and raised concerns over the quality of certain products and Fleshlight UK Domain's website and have had less then satisfactory responses.. I also contacted support on multiple occasions to resolve my purchase issues (bank block & customer service representative blocks), Internal support & helpdesk systems returning no customer support.. I could go on endlessly their is so many flaws in this service it is as if no one is working their. I don't know about Spain but here in UK we have standards in both service and products and when those standards are not upheld we've a problem and are entitled to make a complaint. I target Mr Shubin because he is owner,founder & director of the company which makes him solely responsible and accountable for everything wrong with the company. Retailers all across world are struggling to stay a float and here we've manufacturer with healthy business going it alone and attempting to provide the product without the retail industry and are failing. They should not be allowed to continue people are paying for a service they're/will not receive. Communication and service are poor how do I expect to hold them to the two year warranty's ? We're talking 30% here, Thirty percent. My time is worth 100 fold. I am fair and reasonable and require not only my refund but an explanation & a solution. I forgot to mention on my third purchase attempt I emailed in advance requesting assistance to make sure everything runs smooth yet received no response so attempted it alone and sure enough it fails due to a maximum web order amount. They already know I'm good for the money because they've successfully taken it the first time so I should not be held to such blocks but also why has no one bothered to contact me ? p.s - I have come to far to merely walk away without purchase now.. My third purchase is still blocked and I am contemplating attempting a 4th but splitting the order. of course I then get stung on twice the delivery amount but I guess if I really want a response from Fleshlight I charge back the transaction sit back and watch them attempt to get hold off me.. costing them TIME and when they finally catch up I just pay the amount minus commission or compensation for the inconvenience is this the game we're playing ? Anything goes.. How do you intend to help me sir ?
  9. £8.19 is correct, They messed up on my order which resulted in a refund. They refunded the money but did not compensate/factor in the International "commission" Fee for both my outgoing purchase payment or my incoming refund payment so in total the difference is £8.19. I expect 30% reduction due to non service. As explained they're providing both product & service and are failing to provide service. I have spent best part of 3 weeks making inquiry's, chasing Fleshlight support why the hell should I pay full price for a service I am not receiving but also if I experience problems with my purchase down the line they're also not going to be their to service me. 30% is a fair an modest amount. I am making a big order spending 8 times more then average customer in sight of poor service a service that serves no internal command structure and mistreats/devalues customer but also do not wish to return (They offer a Fleshbuck scheme which is a cashback Scheme which would earn me £28.82 off my next order, Also I purchase 7 plastic containers which have a Hugh mark up throw them in for free saving £75 and a free Fleshlight we have our 30% off with a somewhat content customer I purchase from Spain which is in EU so I am covered by the EU Consumer Directives. I didn't purchase from UK as they do not stock entire range so I am stuck purchasing from Spain
  10. Nope no puns intended. I know the guy or representatives of his company are reading this via webclippings etc and have provided support with my phone number so why have they not contacted me ?. I have researched a little about their company who claim to have sold over 5 million and ernt over quarter billion dollars and the company has plans to break into the Asian market and other big economy's of the world I will chase this for as long as it takes. Only interesting leads I've found have been job openings on Linkedin and Employee reviews of working for them at Glassdoor I have never came across a company where reaching senior managment has been an issue ? This company can't be complying with consumer law http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Fleshlight-Reviews-E117568.htm
  11. Hi, To cut a long story short of total mistreatment, I need to contact the owner & founder of Interactive Life Forms which is the parent company to Fleshlight founded and owned by Steve Shubin. All support and helpdesk systems in both European & American websites plus their email addresses are rendering no responses. I am extremely angry at the level of poor service especially as the founder and owner Steve Shubin is an ex Los Angeles S.W.A.T officer. This non service is absolute criminal and they owe me £8.19 as when they refunded my order they did not pay the outgoing or incoming International Commission Fee's (£4-ish each way) as the payment was made from UK to Spain. They was responsible for messing up my order as they had failed to communicate and did not send notification that my order had been accepted, processed, or dispatched and failed to provide a tracking number so I canceled as I wished to admend/change my order. I also requested a receipt / detailed transaction of my refund followed up in writing as I suspected something like this would occur which was repeatedly ignored and was just told money had been refunded will show up in a week Well despite the mistreatment I still wish to make a purchase in which my 2nd and 3rd attempt have failed due to exceeding maximum spending amount (I think due to it being an adult website heavy restrictions are put in place to prevent kids running up hugh debts on parents cards but also from stolen credit cards hackers etc) Second attempt I suspect was blocked by my bank (Suspect it could have just been a coincidence that my online bank account had denied me access a day or two afterwards) so I had to call them to verify I had been sending payments to FLI SL (Fleshlight) The third attempt appears to be blocked by the company due to orders exceeding "$350" it instructs me to contact via American number or email address. The email address and help/desk systems had no success with. I even signed up to their official Fleshlight forum to complain and demand contact details of CEO or COO to which moderators have heavily censored by deleting and banning my accounts. As far as I know Headquaters is based inHouston, TX United States and their European base is in Spain. They provide both product & service which is why I suspect service is really poor but for a multimillion pound business set to reach enormous growth is absolute unacceptable. I had requested 30% off my total order amount due to poor service which was outright refused. They do not provide the service or support why should I pay a service fee I will pay for product and shipping and as their isn't a retailers expense I think 30% is quiet modest given my total order purchase amount. Just to mention when I checked out first time, Their was one those pop up notifications which asks if you're having any trouble and would like to contact customer support I tried that twice and even left messages and further left loads over past few weeks. I've not had a single response back. (The message pops up fairly quick I did not have any issues during checkout stage I think they know a large percentage of customers will be tempted yet hesitate and rethink before committing to the purchase) but I did sign up for a website account which I was unable to sign into and when using forgot password showed my details was not in their database so is again in part of why I canceled sign up is only allowed during checkout stage when you've finalized the purchase Which regulatory bodies can I complain to and what can I expect to come of it ? Their are other people on Fleshlight Forums who claim their customer service is literally non existent especially in Spain and when you do receive a reply it is not professional it's like they've paid some Spanish kid or whomever a couple euro to type back. I want to contact Steve Shubin and ask him what the hell is up and request my 30% of my total order amount plus my £8.19 refund. Their is also one thing that has bothered me alot and that is the Fleshlight UK Domain is owned and operated by UKInet Media Ltd which is a marketing firm who also has an identical website but called sexshopping. I have raised the issue with support who repeatedly state their two official sites are .Com & .EU and trys to distant themselves by saying they have nothing to do with us then who are they and why are they trading under their brand name ? Thanks Edit: Just some additional details my order exceeds £350GBP and comes to £411 I don't wish to split the order because I'll get charged even more and the only reason I spend so much is I figure if I buy them all now I won't ever have to deal with their service again and the 30% I feel is justifiable as i have spent over 3 weeks emailing all around clock during spare time etc and as claimed before service is really poor if I have any problems I am not confidant they're capable of resolving it due to no communication also their are 7 items in my order that has a crazy extortionate mark up that they can afford to let go for free and only be a loss of minimum amount. Brain Shubin who is Steve's son is COO chief operating officer so contact details for either would be great. Among internet interviews it is said he keeps a close watch/ear to his consumer needs and really understands and listens well I am here with £411 purchase to which his company is ignoring. CRAZY
  12. Hey thank you, I appreciate your informative yet simple answer I just needed a little reassurance peace of mind that the money will arrive smoothly Yeah your right, In that case maybe we should shut the CAG forum down as the search engine will provide us all with up to date information huh ?
  13. I've already provided them with that info. I gave sort code, account number, name/address, my banks local branch address IBAN and SWIFTBIC. They've stated a wire transfer will be sent to your account tomorrow. Don't ask why it's coming from America as they've service centers with refund departments all over the world but hey I guess that's how it works.. All I'm concerned about is if it's enough to cover the fee and will it require me to authorize that fee Btw they've provided an additional $25 out of their money to cover the fee so really the cost is not an issue I just don't want any disappointment that the money is tied up cause the fee wasn't paid or something. . I do online banking so I guess it's easy to keep tabs on my account
  14. Well long story short, Product failed under warranty which resulted in being escalated to the head office in America. Who finally after months worth of emails are now willing to refund the money. I don't want name drop company just in case it get's caught up in web clipping and/or web cache or possibly seen by company's employees. The moneys not been sent yet I just need to know the cost as they've requested my bank details so I went onto Barclays and looked up what they needed to complete the transaction and also reminded them it would cost cause that's what it says on Barclays page but it doesn't state what fee percentage or how much so the response I received was an additional $25 to cover any service charges. So I'm assuming that's enough for admin fee plus currency conversion ?
  15. It's not a spoof, Which is why I said it's coming from a multi billion dollar company lmao just encase anyone thought wire transfer eh it must be a [problem] etc. No this payment is coming from a well known corporation in way of a refund I'm just curious as I've never received an international payment before if $25 is able to cover the cost.. Roughly ?
  16. Hi, I live in the UK and I'm due to receive an international wire transfer for the total amount of $223.00 which includes $25.00 to cover the cost of the wire transfer.. Is $25.00 enough ? The cost I'm owed is £125.00 and how do I pay the cost. Is it taken out automatically or do I have to intervene before the payment is complete I believe the payment will be sent tomorrow from Orange County, California from a multi billion dollar company into my Barclays account thanks
  17. I'm sorry, Is this the 'Consumer action group' or Corporate action group ? No further reply's are required. I won't be returning to this wasteful site bye
  18. Update: Requested Paypal & refused: Some assistance would be really great here guy's ? I'm starting to loose confidence in this forum. Before signing up I actively browsed on and off for months before I decided to sign up.. Since signing up I've received 1 reply to my previous threads which was of no help advising I sought advise from another site.
  19. Update & resolved Received a letter in the post this morning as proof & detailing my refund transaction of £79.90. Checked the bank & it was in their so. Admittedly I had to get nasty & sock it to them but at the same time I've been very fair. I'm a little disappointed that Consumer Action Group didn't add or help much but proud that I managed to solve this & my previous threads problems my way & on my terms so everything's ok.
  20. Update & resolved: Sent a couple more email's to Logitech & received a phone call the next morning from their headquarters in Switzerland I told Logitech how thing's where going to go down. My deal: I've returned my Z-10's in exchange for a full refund (£52.88). Received a 50% off in-store discount code and used it to purchase "Logitech Speaker System Z906 & Bluetooth Wireless Adapter priced £299.00. So paid £149.50. Not quiet my 50% off (Product Price) so also requested & received. Logitech Ultimate Ears 200Vi priced £34.99 so roughly works out my 50%. Which I'm kinda happy with as I got a double victory as you'll see in my next thread " Mis-sold & now faulty" Edit: the only thing I forgot to do was use 'Topcashback' to receive a 5.5% cashback of £7.50
  21. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I have not yet contacted Consumer Direct but have instead emailed the company requesting a full refund. They've accepted but very unprofessionally.. No chain of command or structure just agreed to refund & said: I do not believe they will make good & provide a refund. Upon reading various reviews that replacement parts & refunds were promised but never received their for I am making this personal.. I don't just want my money back I want to bring this company down. This is a cowboy company ripping people off.. How do I find out information such as the CEO / Founder & owner of the company I have looked up all three domains on who is but nothing about the registrant name just place of registrar which is linked to the other company's. I'm on a budget so preferably cheap as I can't afford to mess around with court costs etc. thanks Equip for work is the parent company registered in 2004 followered by office furniture online in 2006 & then best buy office chairs in 2008. What other available resources do I have to report this company & to make sure the three above domains never trade again. Edit: also looking to report to press like watch dog & other news press. I have their utube URL which I will continue to inform / warn other customers about purchasing from their company.
  22. Update: Option 3 has come into place My reply: Hm, I don't think Logitech quiet understands my situation or appreciates my loyalty. I did further research into speaker repairs & in order to repair my Logitech speakers it's in all likely hood that I would require a replacement part which of course can only be provided by Logitech. Which repair & replacement parts has already been ruled out as an option so Z 10's are no good to me anymore. 50% discount I'm assuming this is excluding the £52.88 refund for the Z 10 speakers. I want the Z906's which is priced at £299.00 in Logitech's store but can be found for £230 on Ebay as noted before Logitech store does not compete with it's customers (Buyers)/Traders/Resellers etc. So I will pay £100 for Z906's, Return the Z 10 speakers & forfeit the refund. Which would make it a true 50% discount. Do you think this is a good deal ? I send the speakers back, pay £100 & get 50% of Z906 (5.1 speaker setup) though tbh I don't really want a 5.1 & Logitech products look like they're made from cheap toy plastics.. They are trying to rip me of by claiming I can have 50% off without my refund. my refund is worth £52.88 & Logitech stores overinflated price on average 20-25% more expensive then their online retailers..
  23. Your contract is with Ebuyer not logitech or play. com The Sale of goods act is your best friend here. -------------------------------- That's true, but I'm still entitled to take it up direct with the manufacturer. I've cut out the middle man but Ebuyer refers me to Logitech as stated when I started to fill out the return claim it cut the form off when selecting return due to faulty from drop down menu. It said for faults contact Logitech direct.
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