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  1. Well, tkmaxx did not give me the invoice of 3d quid. It was RLP and their a [problem] company (research) who's clients are tkmaxx and they make money from this.
  2. It didn't mention a fine, just a contribution and it didn't have a dealine date aswell
  3. Hi, I was caught shoplifting in tkmaxx for a total worth of 15 quid items. The police was called and the police lady came but only stayed for around 10 minutes as she just called my parents to collect me and took my and my friends names but she didn't take no addresses. The tkmaxx security said I would have to pay a fine which will be issued in a letter arriving by post within the next 7 days (this was 6 days ago). I have received a letter from RLP today. We are both 15 years old and they didn't mention anything about shoplifting or fines in the letter but did mention a contribution of 137.50
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