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  1. Honeybee my dear Mum cut up nearly all Dad's paperwork after his death after he had kept most of it safe some dated 1960!! Bless my Mum, but what can you do?!!
  2. Hiya honeybee. Mum wants evidence to show they had a healthy balance during a certain period. So I asked for closing statements which is going back 14 yrs, to show his closing bal before he took it all out. Lady at NSI said she was not sure if they can go that far back but asked for me to write to them enclosing Dad's death cert.But I just thought maybe someone on here is in the now about how far back they can go. As tho I don't have enough on my plate with my kids & work lol
  3. I'm back for a wee while! Sorry it's Currys & not Comet! Shall read the links tonight as I'm off for school run then kids ballet & rugby so probably when they're tucked in bed I'll be free on here for a while. See ya later
  4. Hi rebel11 off to work now, but will read up later this evening. Thanks for the quick response
  5. Hi, my Mum wants closing statements on her account & my Dad's accounts that were closed 14 yrs ago for legal reasons. Dad passed away 7 months ago Can NSI go that far back or is it 7 yrs like banks? It is such important evidence that will help my mum, but how do you produce it when some organisations /banks only go back 7 yrs ( ? Any help will help us nail this!!
  6. I brought a Beko cooker from Comet over a yr ago took out 5 yr cover. Since I brought it, the oven turns itself off in the middle of baking!! Anyway 6 months ago I noticed the paint work at the botton of the cooker is rusting either side, when I asked for a replacement they said I was not entitled to it cos it's only cosmetics & does not interfere with the cooking / baking!!! Told them it was under 1 yr old & that should not happen they then said sometimes it does & they lef it at that. Cover runs out in 2017 what are my rights (
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