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  1. This persistent debt payment that you have to pay is there not an option to not pay it and continue paying at the agreed interest payment I'm sure vanquish gave me the option if I couldn't afford the higher payments Luckily I was able to balance transfer to a 0% card and bin vanquish it's the high interest rate that's the problem with these cards not persistent debt
  2. Robinson way are now claiming to be the agent for this debt Am I correct in thinking that if the debt is sold on I should recieve a letter of assignment from the original creditor And I assume it's a standard type letter with notice of assignment on it rather than any old letter
  3. Letter from pra in reply to my CCA request They in there words have enclosed requested documents Which is laughable to say the least they have sent a statement of what they say I owed when they bought the debt and what I owe now on a PRA headed statement No paperwork from MBNA Sounds like custers last stand for PRA
  4. Letter from Link today saying they can demand £1900 owed in one payment but are prepared to let me pay £13 per month
  5. Thanks i thought as much when it was offered at a 60% discount a few months ago
  6. Capquest have know taken ownership of this debt from national collections Looking at both sets of paperwork They look to be the same company am I correct
  7. Ok thanks was not really happy getting the claim re assessed nearly 12 months early this PIP benefit is a bit of a lottery and you could just as easy get it stopped My idea would be to extend the lease until its re assessed at tbe correct time she's happy with the car and it's been well looked after low mileage and hasn't been abused
  8. Hi my partners motability lease runs out in june 2019 The higher rate disability payment is due for renewal in March 2020 According to the garage there must be twelve months left on the claim to lease a new car They have told us we need to A) ask for the claim to be renewed early B ) Hand the car back at the lease expire date and sort it out ourselves ( Buy a car on finance ect) I have read in the motability contract that in the above circumstances that they will extend the contract It seems when reading the contract that 3 years is the minimum contract time Has anyone had any experience in extending the contract
  9. Security were going to come over from the main nhs hospital but apparently their not insured so they didn't come Door entry control is a good idea that I will suggest Thanks
  10. Yes I am in the union and our line manager contacted the traveller liason officer They are trying to contact the landowner
  11. I work at a small out patients building on the outskirts of a small town completely isolated from the main nhs hospital in a nearby town We at present have travellers on the land outside the car park entrance When we finish at 18 : 00 hrs they are normally drunk and acting in an aggressive manner kicking and goading there dogs into fighting each other This evening I had to return to the building and wait until others went home so as we could escort each other out ( we have no security) I have expressed my concerns with our line manager but she seems lost as what to do I believe that I have a right to withdraw to a place of safety without redress It is very intimidating with them coming into the building using the showers and toilets our staffing consists of mainly women
  12. Just a quick update I have today received a statement of account up to 11/ 2009 which says as a last entry balance write off £2800 payments has continued until Dec 2017 but there are no sign of these although the amount owed has gone down but not showing on the statements sent
  13. Wescot are offering a discount on the Santander debt if we ring them to discuss it
  14. Great stuff checked my credit file Link Financial have disappeared so looks like Barclaycard have defaulted the account as promised im happy to get link of my file I wonder what they'll try next
  15. Quick update Cabot appear to have purchased the Next debt £160 and look forward to hearing from us This next one seems to being passed about well since CCA d Next I take it I just ignore Cabot
  16. Phone call from Barclaycard reference complaint they have said they will inform link and default the account when it should have been defaulted June 2011 Obviously it wasn't as straightforward as them just saying they would do it I mentioned the terms and conditions, escalating the complaint as I'd been disadvantaged over someone who had simply paid nothing let it default and then dropping off there credit file they agreed to default it so does this mean when it's done it will disappear of my credit file as soon as they update the file they did say it could take a couple of months before it's updated on my file
  17. Thank you for the information whats the best course of action
  18. Ok letter from Barclaycard account opened Oct 2006 assigned to link pre default status Feb 2015 so apparently the default issued by link is correct Is it still worth complaining to Barclaycard for failure to default I never missed a payment or ever late made an arrangement to pay with interest and charges frozen Feb 2011
  19. Been offered a discount now a saving of 200 pounds :wink
  20. Barclaycard say I have to make a request for copy of default and date by letter Barclaycard are showing on Equifax I don't really understand credit reports but from Feb 2011 until link took it over in 2015 it showed as payment arrangement I can't see default on it only on link in Oct 2018 If the account wasn't defaulted by Barclaycard what should I do
  21. 2nd Oct 2018 default date entered by link Is it best to ring Barclaycard and ask for the exact date when they defaulted it and then ask for a written copy as I can no longer find the original Barclaycard are no longer showing on my noodle credit file only link under closed
  22. I've looked on noodle it's like a completely different report on there Anyway link have marked the account as default Nov 2018 which means the account has been defaulted originally by Barclaycard and now by link
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