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  1. well actually you dont get free delivery as you pay £49, when i purchased my goods there was nothing to suggest i was going into a contract, i had no e-mail or written confirmation. There wasn't even anything to say i was paying £49 because if there was i certainly wouldn't have agreed to that, as i dont use amazon enough to warrant £49 going out of my bank.
  2. This has just happened to me, I ordered something last year and clicked on the free delivery, not realising I was being charged £49 for the pleasure. I had no paperwork, e-mails or any other documentation that i had signed up for this, not even a T & C. I checked my bank this evening to find another £49 had gone out of my bank, with no warning or e-mail etc. I have trawled through Amazon to find out exactly what it is, and have since cancelled the subscription. Please check before you click, YOU DON'T GET FREE DELIVERY FOR NOTHING!!!!!
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