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  1. Wrote a letter to Chairman and Chief Executive of NHS Foundation Trust of Hospital. Emailed copy of letter. I received an email back from cooperate affairs they are contacting PE to cancel Charge and I should have written confirmation soon Will confirm when this arrives.
  2. I have received a Parking Charge Notice from these people re a hospital parking infringement I was aked to pick up a patient being discharged at 14:00 I parked at 13:59 but hospitals being hospitals his paperwork and medication was not ready till almost an hour later. I had parked in a 20 mins only space and had gone to the ward to pick the patient up. I see from other posts that just ignoring these people is not an option now. I have sent in an appeal to them along the lines above What do I do now
  3. I failed my ESA medical only getting six points that however is not my immediate problem as I intend to and know how to appeal.. On Monday of this week I received a phone call from DWP Along the line of " hello sorry you failed your medical " So I asked how to appeal was told to wait for letter coming out to confirm decision which would tell me who to appeal It's now Friday before a bank holiday weekend and I have not yet received the letter. Contacted DWP today as Wednesday next week would be more my normal payment date and I have a number of direct debits for gas electric TV licence etc coming out on the first of the month. Was told that they cannot pay me anything until they have my appeal and they would send another letter out in case the first was lost but it will be sent second class so with Bank Holiday I guess another week before I can send appeal back and get some money. unless someone on here know of anything else I can do or claim TIA
  4. Why ask for advice and then when someone takes the time to try to help you, argue with them that "its none of my business" I would personally follow the advice and put it formally and correctly not off hand and flippently But I suppose "its none of my business"
  5. A car cannot be sold to someone if it is subject to certain finance aggrements in someone elses name. It is upto th the seller to clear the finance before selling the car on. Have you spoken to the seller? From my 18yrs in the motor trade as a salesman I know that sometimes the seller has paid off the outstanding finance as part of the deal with the previous owner but that the systems ie the finance company and hpi still show it as active.This happenswhen a car is "turned around quickley" I would suggest speaking to seller, to see if this is the case if it is no problem if its not and they deney its on finance walk away
  6. First time asking a question so forgive me if I do it wrong! I play an online game using my android mobile conected to O2. I purchased some "premium" content using my phone bill as payment. I at no time received the "premium" content, yet the cost shows on my O2 bill. I contacted the company who suplly the game, they claim not to have received the money. I have sent them a screen dump of my O2 bill showing the amount as due on my next bill I have also forward a copy of the sms confirming payment yet they still refuse a refund. Question: As I am on a post pay contract ie I pay after acrueing charges are O2 as a credit provider jointly and severly responsible for the content. If so can I claim the money back from O2 if I get no where with the company. Sorry if this is hard to follow, I think I have included all the pertinent facts. Thanks for reading
  7. I am by no means an expert and what I say is based on reading other threads on here Do not contact them and do not acknowledge the debt. If the debt was from 2006 and you have paid nothing since then and have not acknowledged the debit it is my understanding that it would be statuate barred in 2012. The fact it doesn't show on your credit report seems to me to be because its all ready stat barred Hold tight till someone else confirms if what I have said is correct
  8. Not being funny or cheaky but is Bluetooth turned on I had similar problem and it was because I had not turned it on. Is it not possible to search for the gadget you want to connect to your computer rather than searching for computer on gadget As for drivers goto device manager to find what BT you are using check driver then search for updated version online You may also need software to manage BT cpnnections
  9. Thought I had found something usefull but its all USA and Canada. In ESA WRAG being pushed in direction of working from home!!!
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