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  1. How far can they go without a copy of the signed credit agreement? They already say they have defaulted me, they have threatend a CCJ and have said they will pass it on to external debt collectors, can they do all of this? Im really worried they will just do what they like no matter what i say to them.
  2. To cut a very long story short ive got an account with Capital One, they have passed it on to Debitas. I sent them a letter recorded delivery asking for a statement and confirmation that the default i had was settled. I also made an offer to repay the outstanding amount monthly. I recieved back a standard letter from Cap One and a financial statement thing to fill out and send back within 28 days, no mention on the default amount i had paid off or the statement i asked for. After that i had a company called power to contact at my door making sure i had made contact with them, which
  3. Thanks for your replies. I will see if i can check the serial number with apple before i do anything else. Ill be dissapointed if it is fake but i suppose that would be why they were cheaper than the UK! Should have known really.
  4. Hi, My husband has just come back from Poland, he was away on business. While he was there he got me an ipod as a present as they were quite a bit cheaper. The only problem is now we have got it home it dosent work. Its not holding any charge. Do you think its to do with it not being from the UK? if not do i have any rights with Apple, as he wont be going back to Poland and so cant return it to the shop. Any advice appreciated
  5. Thanks very much. Sorry, i posted this in the wrong place really, but i thought it was something barclaycard had added.
  6. Oh my god, i did. They had a free 30 day trial. I only wanted the free trial though!!
  7. Hi, Has anyone ever had a 'prime member fee' added to thier card? Ive just had my statement today and they have added this fee of nearly £50. Does anyone know what this is? Thanks in advance
  8. I thought they might be, thanks. Do you think its strange though that i have heard nothing from them for about 9 months?
  9. Thanks for that interesting piece of information. Unfortunatley i didnt know that when i started paying them the £50 a month. Does anyone have any more advice on what i do next? Thanks in advance Jo
  10. Hi, please can someone give me a bit of advice... Cap One stopped sending me statements for about 9 months, because there were no statements i forgot to pay them (stupid i know) after the 9 months i get a statement, a default notice and a letter from Debitas (DCA) saying they have now undertaken the default amount. I wrote to them (recorded delivery) explaining that i had just been made redundant and could only afford £50 a month. I got no reply from them but started paying it anyway. I have now been making the payments for about 9 months and by my calculations i should have now paid
  11. Hi, I could do with some advice please ASAP as i dont want to leave it too long before i ring. I had my car fixed by an independant garage and picked it up today. ( i think we got ripped off too, but thats another story!) Just got home about 10 mins ago and realised the headlight is smashed. I dont want to leave it too long before i ring him but when i ring what do i say?? i have no proof it was done there but i know for a fact it wasnt like that before it went to him. Im so angry, whats the best way to handle this?? Thanks in advance for your advice
  12. Hi, we have o2 mobile broadband but i am a bit of a loss as to what to do now. We have had this for a few months after being told the signal in our area is very good. We have always had problems with it, it seems to loose its connection after about half an hour but just lately its getting worse. My hubby did phone the helpline and they said 'there isnt allot we can do because it must be the signal. The signal in your area is genrally good but there are some bad spots.' What do i do now? ive got a product im paying £20 a month for that dosent work half of the time. We are under a cont
  13. Didnt really know where to put this as its not a bank charge problem and couldnt really find any other bbank forum's so apologies if its in the wrong place. Anyway, my hubby's wages should have gone in to Nationwide account yesterday, well i checked at 9.30 and they were not there, really annoyed as i thought his company had probably paid him late and that meant we couldnt pay our mortgage yesterday (£50 charge incurred for that) Rang the mortgage company to let them know, they just said they would put a note on the account, not very helpful but to be honest i didnt expect them to be.
  14. Strange, i was told that there was a % discount for paying via DD and because we didnt want to pay via DD any more (as the only day they woule be able to take this was the 1st of the month) we would loose the discounted amount. This amounted to us having to pay £40 per month extra.
  15. Ooh thanks, ive been doing this now for over a year, i didnt know there was anything i could do about it as they just said it was in the contract, so we would have to pay. Do you think they will refund it?
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