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  1. . British Gas are clearly taking it upon themselves to make uninvited and unannounced house calls to pensioners. This is unacceptable and is common knowledge elsewhere on the internet. Being a consumer interest site, as is apparently the case, is it not important that the public are made aware of corporate unlawful behaviour? Additionally, in my example, BG have allowed themselves to be commissioned into an unlawful act of harassment (arising from a convicted gas fitters attempt to cause trouble - he has 'previous' with all the utilities as well as local building control).
  2. Indeed, on the misguided assumption that said comments might possibly be intelligent.
  3. Well, now, re. "Therefore if you ar enot interesticon in others opinions one can only surmise you are in fact trolling. (sic)" . . . . you appear to be pointing the finger and directing the mis-spelling at the wrong person for completely the wrong reasons. Your (uninvited) comment is unworthy of reply.
  4. . . . . . . errmmm, might it be British Gas ? Will that suffice ?
  5. . . . . . when you have a moment to spare, perhaps you could trouble yourself to let me know why you imagine that your opinion might be important to anyone else?
  6. re. ". . . . but it would be silly of you to create additional problems for yourself by blocking their apparent attempts to assist you?" . . . . .and that is only your opinion of course.
  7. Thank you so much for those entirely enlightening comments. Most constructive.
  8. Terribly sorry. Obviously mistaken that this was a consumer site. Sapient members of the public, consumers, may find it helpful to be aware that B Gas / Centrica / F 2 F debt collectors are badgering the same public by unnecessary, speculative and unlawful home visits. Another by-product of corporate greed, you might say. Hope this provides some clarification for you and is helpful.
  9. . . . . . .(see attached) emailed 21.1.2015 to all at BG Centrica, FAO: British Gas / Centrica - B Gas visits intended to harass; HR8 and UK Nationwide re. “job reference .................. B Gas / Face 2 Face” Warning of legal action - please read carefully Currently, the electric ppt meter holds a credit balance of £84. If you continue to have difficulties with this, you may if you wish outline these via email or by normal letter to me. You may also be aware that there has been a history of alleged criminal nuisance harassment at this address, courtesy
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