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  1. Hi, Can any one help, I am just doing my Letter Before Action to Lloyds and not sure if I have to put in the bottom paragraph reading: Furthermore, I shall submit a Consumer Credit Act 1974 complaint to the OFT upon the basis that you have failed to comply with the OFT's direction of 5 April 2006 and are therefore not a 'fit and proper person' to hold a consumer credit licence under the 1974 Act. If you do not understand what this means then seek advice from your legal department.
  2. Can anyone help I send my list of charges etc etc to Lloyds asking for it back as the template instructed. They replyed basically saying they wouldnt pay up. Not quite sure where I go from here, the letter before action seems to be if they do not reply at all. Any ideas ?????
  3. After sending my list of charges and letter requesting a refund I have received a letter from Lloyds where they finish they cannot agree to cancel my charges, and advise me to go to the Financial Ombusdsman Service. What do I do next???? Tracy xx
  4. Unfortunately not I had not found the web site then but after seeing the Trevor MacDonald programme I wrote asking for them to send me details of all my charges over the past 6 years.
  5. Hi I recently wrote a letter to Lloyds requesting my charges over the past 6 years, only to receive the reply, "pay us £25 and you can have copies of your statements!". Is this legal? Or just another way of getting more money from me? Please can you let me know what to do next.
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