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  1. Ok I have been making £1 payments for a while now, and have just returned from an unpaid internship abroad... and have found this letter from IQOR sent on the 19th November 2012: Dear MR ..... We acknowledge with thanks you recent payment of £1.00 The balance outstanding after crediting this amount to your account is as stated above. As the account is long overdue for settlement, we cannot at this stage continue to accept repayments at this level without further review. Please contact us on 01772 220504 as soon as possible so that we may review your account and current financial circumstances and mutually agree the level of future payments. We note that you are committed to paying this debt so please contact us within the next 7 days. Yours Sincerely Rebecca Potter - Head of Recoveries - IQor Recovery Services Ltd. ****************** So I was wondering if anyone knows what I should do in this situation? I have at the moment about ten pounds, which is in coins in my wallet, and I am unemployed. Should I just write to IQOR telling them this, and give them a CCCS budget sheet like before saying that I can only pay £1 a month. Also is it worth finding out what their 'substantial discount' is - kind of pointless I feel, when i won't be able to pay it anyway. Im a little worried as I have had no other correspondance from them since them, this is the only letter. But as stated, I've only just opened it. Your help is much appreciated thankyou!!!
  2. Its handed to IQOR...I talked to them today and am paying back £1 a month. DRO....I dont want to have to deal with any court proceedings, its a nice idea though.
  3. Hello, so a while back I posted about my unsecured loan being handed onto the moorcroft group - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?333488-My-loan-with-Lloyds-TSB-now-handed-to-Moorcroft-Debt-recovery-limited-a-notice-of-intended-Litigation.-PLEASE-HELP!&p=3773281#post3773281 Now I went abroad, and when out there tried to set up a payment plan to pay back to them monthly....It didn't work. Whatever happened (im guessing something to do with the internet connection out there) the debit was never set up. So when I returned (3 months abroad volunteering in total) I found a letter from lloyds that said my debt was being handed on to Iqor debt recovery. It was like moorcroft was never involved. Is this becuase Moorcroft has sold the debt on again!? I now have my credit agreement sent to me by lloyds tsb. But am currently unemployed and have no money to give them. So i'm wondering if I should just stay quiet and wait to see what happens. Its now been over 8months since possible 'legal action' was going to be taken against me. I'm worried that as soon as I contact anyone things are going to get worse, for now im just getting threatening letters which i'm kind of used to now. OR.. .should I just set a monthly payment plan and pay them a £1 a month or something? Thankyou so much!
  4. Hello all! First of all, I just want to give my notice of my massive appreciation to anyone who replies on these forums. All of you who do are the most sincere and kind people, who are contribute your time to people in need. This is such an honourable thing and does not go unoticed! I am volunteering abroad only because of the kindness of a friend. I am not able to afford myself to pay for it and am not looking for any appreciation. Just the feeling that I am doing something to help in the world. Because of this I have a massive problem on my hands. As previously stated, a friend has very kindly paid for me to volunteer in Africa. This was nicely timed, as I have just lost my low paid job. But unfortunately i have debts racking up to £9000; all owed to banks (not including my student loan). This is left from University, from not receiving enough student loans due to my parents income (who were not able to and therefore didnt help financially) and a failed business attempt. £6500 was an unsecured loan that has now been handed to a debt collection agency (for which I have requested a CCA to slow things a down a little) £1900 is my student overdraft (of which they are threatening debt collection - I have sent a minimum payment offer and a budget sheet, and yet to hear a response...Not sure if this is even possible with overdrafts) £800 is a lloyds overdraft that is racking up charges and interest, (currently at £838) But has a control account feature costing £10 per month to avoid extra charges) As i said, I have lost my job to redudancy, but am going to africa... I am still registered to my parents address. I will have limited internet connectivity, phone and post access over there, so I am really worried about them getting harrased. They know a little about my situation, and are worried... Especially as they dont have any money to help me out! (which I dont expect from them) I would really like some advice on how to handle this situation and what I should do before I go. I Have very little funds available and am leaving on the 16th April for 3 months! Any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou!
  5. Thankyou for all of your help everyone!! It is really appreciated. So I have sent a request for the CCA... Not for fraudelent reasons.. Just to get them off my back for a bit. However, I am going to volunteer in Africa in a few weeks time, as a friend has paid for me to go over with them. I am very worried about whats going to happen with my debt, as i'm registered at my parents address (but am rarely there anyway - they live in the middle of nowhere, so I have been sofa hopping and working due to no money and the need to work where there are jobs) I dont want them to be harrased by debt collectors. Whats the best thing to do? Do you think i should just set up a payment plan with them? Whats the mininum payment you think they will take per month? because I am mega skint!! Thanks for all of your help!
  6. So...Ive just called moorcroft, and they told me that my account would be on hold until I contact them...Which I just have. They said did I want to pay anything, I said that wanted to deal with it all writing and ended the call saying i would send them a letter. I've been very busy and only just got a look in at this since I posted in January. Any ideas on what I should send to them, and what I should send to lloyds? Cheers
  7. Sorry, excuse my ignorance... But what do you mean by IB? I still havn't heard of Moorcroft, isnt that a bit strange?
  8. Thankyou, I'm guessing I should put this in writing. Is there anything specific I should include? Should I just offer them a payment plan, and a budget sheet Like i sent to them in the beggining?
  9. I am terrible with finances, I accepted what lloyds gave me. Assuming this would be the correct amount. I used a template letter to demand them on the original credit card, then on the refinanced loan. As far as i can remember the PPI was claimed before the loan was re-financed. I was paying lloyds £1 per month. But fell very ill and lived with a relative few a few months. Not knowing that my account went overdrawn and 2 payments were missed.. This is why LLoyds Handed it over to moorcroft. However, I did ring up SCM (lloyds collections team) as It requested me to do so in their letter. But I just spoke to a lady who told me my account was being processed and I had to wait to hear from them... I never did, I just got the first letter from Moorcroft boom. Should I contact lloyds offering somekind of payment plan still? I assumed this was now out of the question, especially as when I log into internet banking the Loan no longer appears there.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys! So just ring up lloyds and make payments via what method? I have already claimed back PPI on this loan.
  11. Hi guys, got some letters back... Got one back from moorcroft first telling me my account is on hold whilst they investigate, and then i got the lloyds one today (please see the attatched PDF's) Any advice please!? Thankyou!! moorcroft 2.pdf lloyds 2.pdf
  12. Thankyou for your help everyone, I will send the suggested letter and let you all know what i get back!
  13. So is sending this letter is the best option available to me at the moment? given the letter I recieved (posted as PDF above) I cannot work out why SCM never called me!?
  14. In response to Conniff about the Tories - No they havnt, but I went for a medical assessment. Which the final outcome was that I was capable for work, even though my condition is chronic and I am in constant pain. I'm not a moaner...perhaps I should of been more of a hypercondriac eh? They offered a tribunal courts thingie to appeal etc. But i couldnt be bothered with all the hassle, and really dont have the time, money, or resources (I live in the middle of nowhere) So its now been struck out.
  15. yes sorry about that, I just tried to upload to photobucket and include a link... but then it said i needed more than 10 posts to do so...funny that, considering I had already uploaded an image! Anyway, attached is the PDF of the letter from MOORCROFT. Thanks all! moorcroft debt letter.pdf
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