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  1. Right I have had the breakdown of the costs! It's ridiculous. One visit.... Debt: £112.00 Initial letter: £11.20 Visit fee: £80.00 Attendance charges: £160.00 Card charge: £10.33 VAT: £52.31 Do I have a leg to stand on with claiming on of this back?
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. The bailiff told me on the phone that I would receive a breakdown of the costs in the post. Do I need to ask the debt collectors for this again? I've seen a few breakdowns online and it looks like the highest cost will be van hire! Surely this can't be right for a less than £150 collect?
  3. I'm new to the site but just came across and need some advice. I'm one thats usually very good with finances so this is all new and scary to me. Anyway, about 3 months ago I received a parking ticket, I didn't pay it as I was disputing it due to it being a bank holiday. The rejected my claim but stated I could dispute again, however, due to new job and finishing uni (excuses) I just kept putting it off. The original fine was around £70 and then went to £112. Anyway still putting it off I received a letter from Equita. I barely read it and stuffed it in a draw to deal with the ne
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