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  1. Why is it doubtful to go back to court? So many others seem to have theirs taken back. What determInds if it goes back?
  2. What advice do u suggest? Sit tight try and hold guard or try and get money together to pay, btw now they won't even take half they want full amount
  3. It was a speeding fine that I had. Marstons have done nothing. Not been in contact and not been round. I ring them to pay but they are very unhelpful. I want the fine to go back to court but not sure if I can handle the pressure they will apply. Marstons told me I won't go back to the court?!?
  4. im have been paying my 10 a fortnight through martons (legal aid directed me to this) and have told them and the courts i have nothing. flat is rented, fully furnished.
  5. i was ordered to pay 5 a week and defaulted by one week, by accident. i payed twice the following, not thinking i had done anything wrong. My case has been given to marstons who have no plan for repayment scheduals or comprimise, they wanted half upfront initially. now they want it all. im currently on housing benefit and council tax benefit and am self employed and low earnings ( around £80 a week. i have asked/written to courts ask them to replace my payment plan and they say its out of their hands and can do nothing. Ive sent off my housing benefit proof to marstons and am still waiting to see what happens. any suggestions?
  6. im looking for advice with regards to my fine being passed on to marstons. how long is it before they pass it back to the court? what decides if/when they do?
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