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  1. I do not remember whether there was PPI on the card...it was soooo long ago.....
  2. Thanks for that....the last payment was probably about a year ago . ..i used to make internet payments on Cabot's website... .....I just didn't know whether by sending letters to them it would perhaps confirm I am getting their letters and prompt them into action i.e debt collectors.. .although I know burying my head in the sand probably isn't helping either. ..this is the only debt I have!! seems its been around my neck forever!!
  3. Hello all I am new to this and I am mega confused, to be honest I would just like to know whether there is any chance baliffs could come knocking on my door over a debt. I defaulted on a credit card back in 2005 whilst going through a divorce, i set up an agreement with barclaycard where they agreed to freeze interest and I agreed to pay £50 a month, this went along happiy for 5 years, then Barclaycard sold the debt to Cabot and initially I continued paying them the £50 a month. Then I reduced my working hours and could not afford the £50 a month and they agreed i could reduce the payment to £25 a month. In the meantime I had missed a month and they were ringing me continously,,,, the fact that the debt was in my married name (i no longer use) was enough to wind me up, but it was more the tactics, like when my son would pick up the phone they would say "hi katy" and my son would say "no its ****" and they would say "oh ok could you get her please" I started to hang up and I stopped paying altogether. The calls continued but i just stopped answering my landline. I receive the regular letters but they are just standard call us to arrange repayment. ..I have kept NONE of these letters I dont even open them I bin them. Then this week I opened one in error and it was from FIRE saying they have been assigned to recover the debt, can these people turn up on my doorstep? I would hate my kids to answer the door the debt collectors? Is there anything I can do to stop them calling or should I just agree to pay them a couple of pound a week? I currently owe £1,700....the original debt to barclaycard was £5000 I have paid the majority of the debt!!! Yesterday, I received another letter which says in big letters 'WE WILL CONSIDER ANY REASONABLE OFFER. Should I ignore ????? I would be most grateful is somebody could offer me some direction Many many thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies, the lady on the phone was awful, she asked me what time i leave for work in the morning and what time i get back.. ..she asked me for a mobile number which i said i didn't have.. ..she said "if you have been paying that amount, you will have to honour it".. ..i said the £50 was made a few years ago and barclaycard said this could be reviewed at any time.. ..Cabot lady said "only to may more...not less" What I am worried about to be honest is that they might start adding interest to the amount.. ..i don't want a 2000 debt to end up 10,000.. ....can Cabot do this???? Thanks
  5. Hi all Just stumbled on this website when i googled Cabot.... I got into a bit of bother with my barclaycard following my divorce in 2005, Barclaycard froze the interest I owed about 3k on it... ..I started paying £20 a month, then in about 2008 they called me and talked me into paying 50 a month which i have been doing, I am now working full time, and single mum, with resnt, council tat and the cost of living gone up so much i am struggling a bit to make the payments (although i still have been) last month I got a letter saying my debt had been sold to Cabot and now i am getting lots and lota of phone calls demanding to sign up to a plan there and then, i asked for a bit of time to work out my disposable income and she was trying to pressure me into allowing her to set up a direct debit there and then (my account is up to date, this months payment was made) she kept saying my account will go into default.... ..i said i wasn't agreeing to anything until i had read the letter and had worked out my finances as to be honest £50 is a struggle and I might need to drop the amount, she said if i did this the account would immediately fall into default and my credit rating would be affected. ..this is my only debt... .shall i skint myself and make the payment or offer them £20.. .and spend the extra on the kids... ...it annoys me so much to think they probably bought the debt for 200. ..the current amount i owe is £2000 Thanks in advancce Katy
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