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  1. i own a flat in a shared building, 4 leasehold flats in total .. we were sent a service charge demand just to cover insurance costs (new owner just took over & sorted out insurance first) the demand had an added 15% charge for management costs .. the new freeholder/landlord had shopped around & got us a very good price ... I paid mine & so did 2 other leaseholders, there was 1 leaeholder that did not pay the 15% charge, he paid the costs for the insurance as per his percentage of the lease, but he said he did not have to pay the management fee as it was variable? & also that hi
  2. Can my landlord charge for administration on my ground rent demand ... I have a set ground rent of £25 per year .. I have a demand for £28.75 .. I dont mind paying the extra .. but is this within his rights? The demand is just for the ground rent .. also does he have to include a legal statement of my rights as a leaseholder, im sure what he has added is outdated, it reads 'for the purpose of the landlord & tenant act 1987 section 47/48 etc...
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