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  1. erm, a little more detail?? seems genuine as far as I can tell....I dont see what kind of [problem] they can be running...I have NO money and cant get any form of credit so not worried about my identity being stolen.....and have also not paid anything whatso ever in the way of fees etc....
  2. just to update, bin asked to provide copies of passport etc for anti money laundering purposes etc...sent off so lets hope this does progress! pointed out to the solictor that rather than wait 5 months for goldsmiths to send out the file they should simply request it under a SAR....seems worying taht i ahve to point this out! xx
  3. good point....that sees to be the case,that even when we ARE right we cant do anything because it simply leads to a reduction in hours!! but, point in note, we are not provided with lockers and several staff members have had phones,money,tips,clothes etc go missing from the staffroom, things such as charity collections, tips and other personal belongings have gone missing fromt he office that only mgrs have access too.....which is a joke as a manager is suspected of being the one behind it.....so exactly where are we supposed to put our belongings?? and dont say dont bring personal items into work....its just not possible not to carry keys, cash, phones, wallets etc......i know i whingeon a lot about where i work, sometimes with what seems like little justification but believe me if civil servants, posties and BA workers were treated like myself and my fellow workers they would be on permanant strike.....
  4. anyone got any ideas?? Had a partial success, wrote to them asking for breakdownd of fees etc, first refund I got was a mortgage exit fee the difference between what i was quoteed and what i was charged, they are also offering 500 refund of late payment fees, plus interest but have not detailed the interest amount?? can i charge them what i was charged?? im sure the charges they added were somewhere in the region of 2-4k so will deffo hold out for more!! anyone know how to word a letter on the kmc standard rate and how to find out what the actual rate was meant to be?? my mortgage shortfall is just over 30k and i intend to reduce this as much as possible and then mayby offer half of whats left if my legal case is successful against previous mortgage companies, if they dont like this will just advise them im declaring bancruptcy!!
  5. Congrats on your success!! just started claiming mine back! I have about 800 on a goldcard outstansing from around 2003 defaulted around 07, im claiming ppi to reduce the balance before i pay it back, and putting in a complaint to the fos about irresponsible lending, 2000 limit to a student already heavily in debt!! anhee! I sent off a request for a refund and a few weeks later got a reply saying they accept my claim and will refund premiums and interest....BUT sorry we dont keep statements more than six years so we cant refund you unless you have statements!! silly me for binning the ones I got for charges refunds! I still have some but only a handfull!! since one account is still active should they not keep records?? anyway to catch them out on this one?? also do they refund interest at 2% or the rate they charged me at? surely they keep account summaries if not statements? any advice appreciated!! xx
  6. sorry to reactivate an old thread, but hsbc did this to me my score was eleven out of a hundred!! they deffo do this! very annoying!!
  7. ignore them!! donr admit to any debt at all!!! they have to provide a signed and true copy of the original credit agreement and a deed of assignment.....thats how i understand it anyway and how i've so far kept them off my back for a 30k debt!!
  8. thanks for the info!! how do I go about this? do I just writ and point out the p60 thing? thanks xx
  9. it might be....but i dont have the info after moving house, i'll have to write to them and get copys of what they have sent, some of them seem quite how tho for the sal i was on!! basically i had the same tax code for both jobs.......but im assuming since i was paying tax at both jobs they should have known the code was wrong?! x
  10. Hi everyone! big problem apparently i owe the tax office around 3.5k!!! going back to 2007/8 ive almost always worked two jobs and it appears my tax codes were wrong....silly me i never bothered to check!! first question other than flat rate expences of around £60, are there any other allowances i can claim?? i started gettin these demands in november, unfortunatly at the same time I lost one of my jobs, had to move house and obvs had xmas and new years comeing up.....settled in the new place and have a new job as well.....not sure what to do now? need to write to them as i have no idea how they worked these figues out and it was so long ago!! a friend works at hmrc and said they might code it out if i can claim hardship....ths is the way i wanted to do it in the first place, but they tried to take it as BR almost missed my rent coz of that, ive also heard that there is a way to write off some of the amount owed?? any help and advice much appreciated!!!
  11. ok so took a loan may 2005 for 6k with 175 lifecare added interest at 33.8% apr was not told what lifecare was and didnt want it but was advised would "help" my application, have requested a refund of this, they say they have posted me a ppi questionaire as have citibank and hsbc....i have no intention of filling these out.....only if it gets to fos stage....but!! before they will process my complaint I have to send them a copy of a recent utility bill and passport or driving liscence!!! I have no intention of providing these either, apparently its for extra security to prove i am who i say i am?! what a joke!! any ideas or advice??? thanks in advance!! xxx
  12. how would people know i was at work? or where i work? thats not information that most people have, and certainly would not get in time should i need to be contacted urgently!!! like it or not mobiles are an intrinsic part of life these days and in many cases simply essential!!
  13. funny how the same manager that confiscates phones will then return from holiday and while on shift spend a considerable period of time showing off holiday pics...this works both ways......
  14. erm kind of? instead of just cancelling it they sent me the amount as an advance on my mortgage can they do this? x
  15. lol, while we are talking about mortgages, I had a gran ppi added to my mortgage think it was with phonix? i cancelled it and instead of taking it off the mortgage they just sent me a cheque and kept it added to the mortgage....would there be a case here? xx
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