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  1. I was told that you couldn't claim costs if the matter was discontinues in Small Claims. Is that incorrect?
  2. Guys - do i need to do anything now the case has been discontinued, i.e. get confirmation of account closure, request to be removed from their database etc?
  3. Rachel - 500 on a 60 loan is a huge amount of money - my suggestion would be to let him take you to court. He's pushing his luck. A few of his court cases haven't even made it to court, including mine.
  4. I have also spoken to Ali - he is real. Whether or not his name is Ali i don't know. I received 11 separate emails yesterday from Ali saying he no longer works for Payday Overdraft.
  5. I have sent it to the court myself also, just to cover all the bases! It just says "1. The Claimant wishes to discontinue the claim in the above case 2. A copy of this notice has been sent to the Defendant"
  6. Some good news for a Monday morning: he's discontinued. Notice received this morning. Hurrah!
  7. Also, let's not forget this is a man who thinks he can issue his own judgments.... so by his standards everything on here probably is wrong!
  8. It wasn't him actually; it was his solicitor. Have you got a link to that message?
  9. No, didn't record it. I'm not paying him 300. That would bring the total payment up to well over 1k. I have spent hours on the court docs, etc. I'll just carry on as normal.
  10. Call today offering 300 in full and final settlement. All the time, effort and stress that has gone into all of this, i just don't think that's a fair figure!
  11. I am going to court in a couple of week... I doubt he will deign to put in an appearance; it appears to be this Ali Sethi guy who does his dirty work. I have a solicitor coming with me. A big scary one too.
  12. Thank you. I think there was one recently - the judge ordered him to provide adequate explanation of how his costs were calculated - and then struck it out
  13. The problem with this guy, is i think he must know that he's contravening all the regulations, but doesn't care or believe the regulations applicable. They do say that grandiose self worth is one of the main indicators of psychopathy....
  14. 14th May. Honestly, i don't want you to have to come all that way because of this moron (IMO). Let me see what my dad says. I have drafted out all the details for my witness statement. Would anyone mind if i emailed them to you? By the way, Silly Girl - i sent details of everything to Stella Creasy and she replied almost straight away. SHe seems to be on the case of these companies!
  15. I only told him about it after it had been struck out and I thought it was all over and done with. He's going to help me finalise my disclosure things tomorrow. They have to disclose all their docs to be right? What's the betting i never receive those documents....
  16. What's a Mackenzie friend?! It's at Luton CC because i live in Hitchin. It's a long way away so please don't worry. I think my Dad will try to come if possible - he's a solicitor.
  17. Coledog - it was my understanding that even though his unfair charges are in the contract, that does not necessarily mean that they are enforcable. Is that right or have i misunderstood? I'm hoping that the big tipping point for me wil lbe that he has denied receiving any payments in the POC, when i have in fact repaid 3 x the original loan amount. No one to go to court with me at the moment - everyone is at work unfortunately!
  18. Hi guys. I have to submit all my disclosure stuff by Friday. Does anyone see any merit in my including copies of the original posts from people with the same issue with this company? There seem to be around 6 or 7 now. I thought it might just show that this is his modus operandi.
  19. SOrry, FINAL question: do i have to send copies of all the docs i am disclosing to the Claimant? And do they need to send all the documents they are disclosing to me?
  20. I have to submit everything by Thursday anyway. Do the judges look at the evidence in advance of the actual hearing?> As always, thanks to everyone for your help.
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