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  1. Hi guys,


    Just looking for a little advice on the best course of action. I have a 2k debt with EON. I am with Payplan, and they sent an offer through of 80 per month. This was then rejected by Payplan.


    What would be the best thing for me to do here? Continue paying through Payplan despite them rejecting the offer? Should i contact EON directly? Will they just issue a CCJ? I really cannot afford anymore than i have offered through Payplan. I have moved house in the last couple of months and my current supplier is not EON.


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. EON are the only company to have rejected my offer.



  2. Hi guys,


    Just wanted to share/get some advice on my situation with CFO.


    I took out a loan with them in 2011. I had fallen into the Payday Loan Trap. When I was unable to repay the loan, CFO refused to negotiate a payment plan.


    Fortunately, I had taken advice and changed my bank account to a different bank when I opened a DMP with Payplan so they were not able to rinse my account. I continued to try and get them to agree to a payment plan. By this time, I owed 750 on a 200 loan.


    Last October, I discovered that CFO had taken nearly 500 out of my new bank account with Halifax. Detailed for which I had not supplied, nor should they ever have been privy too.


    I notiofied Halifax straight away who charged back into my account.


    I did not hear anything from CFO after that.


    However, last week I received a phone call from a very aggressive employee at CFO through my workplace switchboard demanding 280 GBP. I sent an email to them immediately requesting that they remove my work switchboard number and requesting a breakdown of the account.


    I received that today. They are saying that the 480 odd that they removed from my account last October (that was subsequently charged back by Halifax) has paid off some of the balance, but they are still chasing the remainder. I have not received any information from Halifax to this end, nor have I got a negative balance in that account (I don't use it anymore).


    It seems like some of their tactics have been very questionable in pursuing this debt but does anyone have any advice on how I should respond to their request for the remaining 280, or whether I should just pay it in installments. 700 odd on a 200 loan seems very high.


    Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can supply.



  3. Thank you Followme. That's really helpful. I really want to get it sorted out but I just don't have 2k in the bank to pay them! I try to keep everything within my DMP so I know exactly what's going on.


    Malc - Thanks for your help. Could you confirm whether it would be possible for me to incorporate payments to EON into my DMP once I've closed the account?


    Thanks for yor help everyone.



  4. The circumstances were that I was ill and unable to work for a couple of years, and i'm still trying to play catch up. I've been paying off my other debts within the DMP and I've been working a second job to make the EON repayments.


    If I have to pay the outstanding amount nextg month when I move out, it will be impossible as I don't have that amount of money. I'm happy to come to a payment arrangement (preferably within my DMP to keep thinsg straightforward) but if, as you say, you aren't able to do that, I don't know where that will leave me other than court.

  5. Hi guys,

    I just wondered if anyone has any advice: as it stands, I oweEON 2,036 GBP. I have an arrangement with them where I pay 156 per month. Thisis the absolute minimum they wouldaccept. It is a massive struggle to pay it.

    Next month, I am moving house. I called EON today and wastold that I would have to pay the outstanding balance when I moved. Obviously,that is not an option for me. They sais that the payment arrangement that wecurrently have in place would end when I closed the account and the finalamount immediately payable. When I questioned further, he said that I wouldhave to use EON electricity at my new palce as well.

    I don’t particularly want to go with EON at my new place. Iwould rather keep it separate because at the moment the payments I am makingcover my usage and my debt repayment, and I never know in what proportions.

    I am in a DMP and ideally I would like to add this debt withEON to that and increase the payment. When I tried to do this initially theysaid that Ithey wouldn’t be part of the DMP because the account was stillactive. I suspect they will be reticent to consent to the DMP now.

    Basically, I want to know what my rights are. Are theyallowed to cut off my electricity in my new house if I am not able to pay theold bill in full? Do I have to have EON supply my electricity at my new place?

    Thanks for your help. I hoep that made sense.

  6. I'll try and go back through my emails tomorrow and work it out. I get a BUNCH of texts everyday about loans so i assumed my details had been sold on. I just never thought i would have problems with a different account with a different bank. Things like this are precisely why i moved banks before embarking on my DMP. Are Halifax legally obliged to return my money? From looking at a few other posts i can seethat lots of people were told there was no way they could get their money back.


    As always, THANK YOU.

  7. Not recently, no! But i did when i first got the new account and was totally screwed. I registered with a broker of some sort i think but thankfully didn't take a loan. I'm assuming that my details were passed from that broker to CFO. I'm also assuming that there#s some sort of mean clause in their Ts and Cs that make this legal. Hopefully, Halifax will honour their promise to refund the money...

  8. Hi! This is probably reiterating a few other posts, but this is what happened to me today: I have 3 accounts with Halifax, one of which i only use to pay bills - i just transfer money into there in time for bill payment dates as it helps me manage my money. 18 months aho, i had a loan with CFO. It is now being repaid through Payplan.


    Yesterday, my bill account ~(which had all my rent money in) was emptied by CFO with 8 separate transactions. All the rent money went and my standing order bounced. They have apparently tried to take money from my debit card continuously since September 27th..


    Halifax were actually really helpful. I read on here about Visa Chargeback and they assure me that it will be invoked once the payments "clear". I hope they honour this.


    The weird thing about this is how CFO got my details - I am with a different bank to the one that i had when i had the loan with them, and have never gievn them any details at all. All repayments ae through Payplan. They have got my card details from somewhere. I readthat they are forwarded card details when you apply for other loans, but i haven't done this to my knowledge in a long time.


    I will send off the letter discontinuing continuous payment authority tomorrow. Hate them. I tried to sort out my debts responsibly. Now they have put me in a position where i can't pay my rent.

  9. Hi,


    I had a call from McKenzie Hall today. They are handling a debt i have with Welcome Finance.

    I borrrowed 1500 from them in 2006.


    I made the payments up until 2009.


    I heard nothing from them and wrote to them twice with no response.


    Today they said the balance is 4k. I've asked for all the documentation.

    I don't have a list of payments made but i assume i can get this through a SAR, which i will submit tomorrow.


    Does anyone have any advice on dealing with this sort of thing?

    I am in a DMP with Payplan, but i don't want to add them into it at 4k.

    I will pay what i owe, but this is not right.



  10. Hi - i don't know if anyone can help on this. I was sent a Banker's Draft from Halifax by my grandparents. I have Ultimate Reward account with Halifax. When i went to pay it in, i was told it would take FIVE DAYS to clear. I'm going on holiday tomorrow so this is a masisve pain in bum. Is ithis normal? I can't believe that i'm supposed to accept that it takes 5 days to cash a BD which is effectibely a cheque from the same bank!!!


    Does anyone have any experience of this?

  11. You just need to make sure you follow the court directions and within the time constraints. File Acknowledgment fo Service as has been discussed above. Then we can help you with your defence. If you do not file AoS, Hart could get Default Judgement - we really don't want that. You will be fine as long as you follow the directions. I had the same problem with MoneyClaim Online with passwords etc. Call the court and get the AoS in asap. And DON'T PANIC.

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