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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I have a question about my claim and contractual interest. I asked the questions in my own thread but no-one has replied. Rather than re-post the question would someone have a quick look and let me know what they think I should do. Many thanks all. Bob http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/52168-blobalbob-barclays.html
  3. OK, I've now had another reply from Barclays. Any suggestion on what I do next? The story so far... 1) I sent a standard claim for around 800 2) They have offered 350 3) I applied contractual interest at unauthorised rate and my claim went to over 1500. I sent the above new prelim 4) They replied saying sorry but tuff, our offer stands. They did not acknowledge the contractual interest at all. 5) This weekend I went through my statements again and I notice that some of my charges were previously refunded, approx 250, which leaves an outstanding balance of about 550 (without int
  4. Game on! New Prelim with Contractual Interest sent by signed for delivery... Retail Banking Customer Relations Leicester LE87 2BB Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RE: Revised request for repayment of charges Your Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SORT CODE: xxxxxx ACCOUNT NUMBER: xxxxxxxxxx Thank you for your letter dated xxxxxxxxx 2006, offering me the sum of xxxx. I am prepared to accept this amount as a part-payment only towards the full amount, which I have now recalculated. While waiting for your response I have spent the time effectively, researching the issue of re
  5. Hello again, wow this thread is getting looooooong. I've been hunting down a revised prelim and found it, eventually, I did read the whole thread about 2 weeks ago but my minds lost the latest do's and don'ts on the exact wording. Could I be a real pain and ask if this is correct for a revised prelim with Contractual interest charged at the Agreed Overdraft rate? Dearest Barclays RE: Revised request for repayment of charges Your Ref: ********* SORT CODE: **-**-**ACCOUNT NUMBER: ******* Thank you for your letter dated *** December 2006, offering me the sum of £***. I am
  6. Hi quick question, and yes I have read all 41 pages. I'm going to add contractual interest to my claim. I am at the stage of sent Prelim and received half offer reply from Barclays. Some people sugegst starting again and others say accept offer and amend the LBA to say now added contractual. I don't mind either way but my 'offer' from Barclays contained a line which said "if we do not hear from you in 8 weeks about this matter then we will consider the case closed etc". If I start again will that effect this 8 week thing? Anyone able to quickly recommend? Many thanks Bob
  7. OK, done my time by reading 40 pages of "Why is no one claiming the contractual rate of interest???". I get it and I'm gonna go for it. Charges + Contractual Interest @ unauthorised rate here I come..
  8. Someone reffered me to this thread, done all 40 pages in one sitting, head is pounding, but at least I get it. I'm now off to screw Barclays for Charges + Contractual at Unauthorised borrowing rate. Cheers all for your help, good luck with your own claims and I'll keep you posted. Bob
  9. Hi, sorry for the delay. Work and Christmas took over. I've just spent an evening reading about Contractual Interest and trying out the spreadsheat. WOW! My claim has gone from £700 to £1700 at current APR authorised or almost £3k at 26% APR. I'm now reading up and seeing what others are experiencing. I see that it is rather difficult to Claim CI and there are a lot of defenses being filed when this is claimed. Anyone actually won their CI as well as their charges back? Happy new year to you all as well! Bob
  10. Once again, thanks for the excellent advice bottomburp. I'm off to recalculate! Bob
  11. anyone able to help out on this question?
  12. Hi bottomburp, thanks for that article. If this is the case then my 1st claim is actually under what I am owed? I dropped some of the earlier charges from my schedule as i thought they were passed the 6 years, i.e. 2000. Can I now go back and claim more? I'm about to send the LBA, shoudl I up my claim int his letter? How would you word somethign like this? "It has additionally come to my attention that my claim also includes £xxx from charges in 200-. Therefore I am looking for a refund of £original + £additional = £xxxx"? I'll look into contractual intrerest but it looks mighty complicat
  13. I'm inspired. I've lurked on the threads for a while and finally got the courage up to write to them 2 weeks ago. I calculated my claims and sent the standard 1st letter. I've just had back a letter today and they are offering half my claim already! Not bad for about 5 minutes work, thanks so much. I'm now inspired to go for the full amount. I have 1 question though, most of my charges are old, i.e. very close or over the 6 year mark. Each week more drop out of the 6 years. If this goes all the way to a court claim how strict to the 6 years are they? I ask as they are already offering
  14. Hi Kruger, We are at exactly the same stage. I got the same fob off letter from Lindsey Hilton at Bstardcard legal blah blah team. I did the same searching on here and have replied with the same letter. The only other change I made is to include a line that states that i have already paid the statuary £10 fee for this entire service and therefore their request for an additional £3 for statements is invalid. No idea if this will work but lets see what happens? Good luck and I'll keep you posted. Bob
  15. Hi again all, I got 2 fat envelopes yesterday with all my statements right back to 1997. In both envelopes I had a covering letter stating that I would be charged £5 for the entire service. GO FOR IT! Regards, R
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