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  1. Hi Anyone considering fuel protests should contact the Road Haulage Assoc. as they will have all the info from the previous protests. Also I believe that the owner of a transport company near Peterborough co-ordinated the last one. The weekend you are proposing the protest is the weekend that Truckfest Peterborough (the biggest trucking show in the UK) is held. - Just potentially relevant info! Regards Sue
  2. subscribing I will be SAR ing Experian. I subscribed to credit expert about 3 months ago and have been bombarded with offers of consolidation loans etc by phone and letter ever since. Regards Sue
  3. Skeggs Dont give up so easily. Maybe you wont get anywhere with this but you have got to try go get some free advice from CAB and go get a free consultation with a specialist solicitor at least you will fell that you have tried to resolve this best regards sue
  4. Skeggsy Before going to tribunal I would take some serious independant advice as it can be very expensive if you were to lose. If he has no witnesses, its his word against his x manager and I dont know if I would personally risk a lot of cash without legal advice. I believe that you can get advice from CAB and a free consultation with a solicitor specialising in employment law. Personally I would go down that route before going to tribunal Regards Sue
  5. Hi skeggsy did your son have any witnesses to the manager saying he hadnt to give the months notice. How old was your son when he started his employment with them Sue
  6. Hi Lou Lou I dont personally know the answer, but I do know someone who might - will get back to you but it may be tomorrow before i can ask them Sue
  7. Hi IMHO the only deductions which can be made from an employees wages are tax, NI and attachment of earnings WITHOUT PERMISSION. I bow to superior advice - but that is my belief. Sue
  8. Hi everyone I would just like to offer any help in this forum I can. I am not an expert in Employment law, but I have run a recruitment agency for the past 11 years and am willing to help in anyway I can. I have been given so much help and advice on CAG and would like to put something back if I can. Regards Sue
  9. Thanks Mandy I have a feeling Cabot have passed on my Citi debt, Oh well here we go again !!!! lol Sue
  10. Thanks for that info. Well that solved one problem - now where on earth did they get my work number from ?????????? I have not had any dealings with them - so I wonder who has sold on my debt. Thanks again Sue
  11. I have had a phone call on my work number this morning from a person by the name of Sid who left a number and a reference. When I called back they wouldn't disclose the company I was ringing until I gave my name and address - which of course I refused to do The number in question is 01772 557635 Many thanks in advance for your help Sue
  12. suecrill

    Vive le NHS!

    I would just like to add my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful care my husband got from the doctors and nurses at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn and also Papworth hospital. They were wonderful and saved my husbands life last year. His GP is also always available to him even when his surgery is full, an appointment is always made available within 24 hours. My thanks to the NHS Sue
  13. Thanks for your help Guido Regards Sue
  14. Hi everyone I still haven't e mailed Inga - I appear to have writers block !!!!!! Is there anyone there who can help me word my e mail giving abbey the opportunity to neg a settlement ? Sorry - I know I should be able to do this myself but for once I appear to be lost for words!!!!! Thanks in advance AGAIN !!!!! Sue
  15. Hi Andy contact details for pam speed below - hope that helps Pam Speed Business Manager Banking Services Abbey PO Box 1109 Bradford BD1 5ZJ Tel:- 08459 724 724 Fax:- 01274 369178 Regards Sue
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