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  1. Accident Enquiries Online Ltd are nowAEO Trading Ltd, EIGHTH FLOOR 6 NEW STREET SQUARE, NEW FETTER LANE, LONDON, ENGLAND, EC4A 3AQ They are on the financial services register.
  2. Good Luck being severely sight impaired i couldnt make it from Stoke anyway but i shall be wishing bad things for there directors and there woman who answered the phone Roda grr
  3. Yes its the police I have already been dealing with Haringey Trading Standards as they had been writing to C4P asking them to pay me.
  4. I'll forweard you the emails to the admin address i have had one from the police as well for what use they are
  5. I've received an email saying the case has been closed for the complaint i made and all victims are being refered to trading standards tel: 08454040506.
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