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  1. First of all I apologise if this is in the wrong section but I'm not certain of the correct area for this query. I recently received an award from the CICA after being the victim of an assault, It's a long story but I'll keep it short and sweet, The original incident happened in 2011, I applied 6 months later after I came out of hospital. I received the original offer which I appealed, after that offer was appealed I appointed a solicitor to deal with it on my behalf who took care of the appeal. After I completed the appeal the court case finished and t
  2. She's just sent me the letter and it seems a bit of important information was missed, They did offer to revoke the fine but for a £10 cancellation fee along with proof of her being in the gym, She decided not to do that as she feels she should not have been ticketed in the first place so why should she pay a cancellation fee, Personally I would have just paid the £10 and then moaned at x4less to get it back but maybe i'm being soft. Has she got a leg to stand on here?
  3. The letter was sent on the 9th july. I know that she appealed it and the gym said they would tell the company she was in the gym. They turned the appeal down stating that all gym members have been informed that they must be registered and sign in so that they dont get ticketed. She isnt a gym member,she was there for a private pt session so would never have been informed. Ill try and get some more information from her. She dis state the letter mentions that there are signs stating that gym members must be registered to park there. But like i say she wasnt a gym member and was there for a one o
  4. Thanks for the response. The company is called vehicle control services. She got the letter in the post after number plate recognition. She parked there on the 27th of jine from 3:25 to 4:30 and it was the excercise for less car park in wigan.
  5. Hi, Just wondering if someone can offer a bit of advice, I'm not sure of the name of the company involved as it is my sister who has been given the fine however I can get that info if needed. My sister went to an excercise 4 less gym which has a private car park. She was going for a PT session at the gym but isn't a full blown member of the gym. The gym has a car park near the town centre and any vehicles that they believe aren't visiting the gym get £50 fines. The receptionist never asked my sister to sign in or fill in any forms upon her arrival. needless to say, my sister receiv
  6. I can't tell where it's getting in, there's no obvious signs but the drivers side is soaked, also looked where I can under the bonnest and everything looks clear.
  7. well after I've had the car a bit longer i've noticed a pretty major thing after a bit of rain which is that the car is leaking water, the floor on both sides of the car is literally soaking after the last few days rain and from speaking to someone at vauxhall they are talking about £600 to repair so I need to know what my options are. I'm feeling really down now as I could live with a few of the smaller issues but not this.
  8. Thanks for the tip, and all your previous responses for that matter. I've just been doing some googling and from what I can gather It would seem that my car is chain driven as opposed to a belt which seem to last longer. Although I'd need to get that double checked. after just buying the car I need to wait a few weeks before I can afford anything big but my girlfriend did mention an AA car check that was about £140, I'm going to look into that or something similar because I guess then I'll know one way or another. although with half a brain I would have tried to do something like that be
  9. Yeh, Well the warranty is actually with a separate company and he made that pretty clear when I bought it, Don't really know if that is a good or bad thing to be honest. They couldn't really do anything about the interior light, It works when the door is open, just that when i push in the headlamp switch to activate it, it doesn't work, According to google it's common and I can buy a new switch for about £5 on ebay so I can cope for now. I'd forgotten how stressful buying a car is but I'll be making sure in future that I don't let my heart rule my head. although I said that after my
  10. Went to a bodyshop this morning, the trim basically seems to have broken clips so I need a new trim and that should atleast get it fixed correctly, it was broken and they've literally used double sided sticky tape to stick it back on. I also noticed today that the washer motor for the front and back isn't working, and that the interior light switch doesn't work, Not exactly major issue's but faults all the same and it wouldn't shock to me find more things like this. I phoned the warranty company and those would be covered if they went after buying the car, but as I only got it yesterday they
  11. we will see, would I be within my rights to expect a repair if say its more than just a cosmetic scuff? I've just been out to have a closer look and the whole bumper across is loose too, I'm pretty sure a bumper shouldnt just be moved by a push of my hand. the description states "looks and drives like new" which is what has my back up,
  12. Yeah thanks, I've just had a look, all seems to check out as far as mileage is concerned so thats some good news I guess. Also a nice insight into what it has previously failed on.
  13. How would I go about checking the mot history? I guess it would help put my mind at rest to check it out fully. On the mot I have it has the past few years mileage which looks to check out when comparing it with reciepts from halfords that I found in the dash for odd bits done on the car over the last few years. Like you I don't really feel I got a raw deal. just the wheel arch being really loose as it is has annoyed me, but I guess I'd take cosmetic damage over anything mechanical. I've got a few places lined up tomorrow to get quotes and opinions from so hopefully it won't be as ma
  14. In all honesty I don't think I've exactly been ripped off or anything, It seems to drive fine and has a decent mileage etc the brakes have a bit of a slight squeak but that's all i can think of. and from what I can find I've paid somewhere around the right sort of value. I Just felt a bit pressured into buying it and if anything I think I'm more annoyed with myself for just not taking a step back and assessing the situation enough to notice that the car isn't "pristine" and looking like new like the advert said. I'll see what some local body repair places say tomorrow. I'm very much a worst c
  15. I've just spent £2500 on a vauxhall corsa this afternoon. First of all i will start by posting a photo of the advert which I viewed. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y17/Robbo1987/Untitled_zpsf9efc101.jpg Before taking the car away I did see some scratches on the drivers side but I liked the car so I took it anyway. It was only on closer inspection when I got home when i discovered that the bumper is loose and in particular over one wheel arch at the rear the plastic above the wheel where the bumper joins another section is completely loose and a bit flappy. The car is f
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