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  1. They passed the complaint to the insurers who spent 5 weeks investigating it and concluded it was indeed accidental. I really do need to get a telephone recording of the complaint or at least the notes so I can identify who this gutless spineless animal is that tried to destroy my family
  2. I had a horrendous house fire and made an insurance claim in the usual way. The insurance company was very helpful. Five weeks into the claim I received an e mail from a claim investigator asking for a meeting. I was happy to meet with him. He said he had received notification through the insurance fraud bureau that I deliberately set my home on fire and proceeded to interrogate me. Needless to say that call was malicious and unfounded and they continued with the claim five weeks later. I am anxious to find out who made this call as it has had
  3. As you know I am going after Blemain and there is a hearing on the 13th March. My opinion for what its worth is dont trust them, dont go for mediation and let them fear you through the courts
  4. I requested the underwriting sheet they refused to give it I made an application to the court, they sent it to me one day before the hearing. Dont give up. I am not sure why you need the valuation report. What are u hoping to achieve with them
  5. How about this for a piece of nonsense. I have requested the court to look at the Blemain contract to assess under the unfair contract terms 1999. Blemain have said that clause 29.7 in the schedule regarding variable interest rates, but to the legal charge.
  6. Marvin, another Blemain victim known as Jumper kept getting an increase in her account, every time Blemain changed solicitors they charged her, as if it was her fault. The good news is that the judge threw these charges out. Watch out they dont add an admin charge to your account for changing solicitors
  7. As you know i have a current court situation with Blemain. I am dealing with Cantor Law. Adam Coleman. Take my advice, dont trust Cantor Law or Adam Coleman. Dont believe anything they tell you. Listen to Welshperson, he stuffed Blemain big time
  8. # Its really important for you to remember not to believe anything Blemain tell you. Double check everything.. Is your agreement regulated or unregulated
  9. Hearing is on 13th march. Blemain are claiming the unfair relationship test in my case does not apply and are quoting Barnes v Blackhorse. Any ideas anyone
  10. request an SAR the cost is £10
  11. 1.I took on a loan of £40000 (£46000 including fees etc). My income and affordability document from Blemain showed I could afford £723 per month. 2.Blemain knew from the outset I would not regularly meet my payments of £1040 per month. 3. I took on a PPI for £3700 at the beginning of the loan, and cancelled it during the cooling off period. Blemain did not refund me. 4. Loan finished in December 2011. Wrote to Blemain in April 2012 asking for charge to be removed, they did not reply. Wrote several times they would not reply. Was informed by Cantor Law that they do not deal with the cust
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