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  1. @renegadeimp Thanks for your reply. For the record, there have been no threats. My brother has used a speakerphone and I've listened to each call. They've been handled in much the same way as any other call centre. Re. the default, we've checked his credit report and the date of default is 28/11/2008 which is when the pay day loan should have been repaid. Technically, I cannot see that they have done anything wrong (as yet...!) @fletch70 - As above, thanks for the reply. I'm not really sure if it is a fraudulent application. It's been six years and my brother cannot remember if he took o
  2. Hi All My brother received a letter from MMF a few weeks ago about a debt with Pounds Till Payday. The original amount was taken out in November 2008. It was scheduled for a doorstep visit, etc. Having spoken to them and verified his identity, they discovered that his date of birth on file was incorrect. They explained what the debt was, etc. and he asked for more information to be sent out. The account was put on hold. They had an email address for him that he hasn't used in years and is, AFAIK, defunct. Don't get me wrong, my brother has had debts and he's paid them off.
  3. Morning All A situation's cropped up that I can't quite get to the bottom of. Any advice would be welcome. As a discharged bankrupt I complained about PPI to my creditors. The Accountant in Bankruptcy was fully aware of this and supported it. I reclaimed over £10,000. I've recently had letters from MBNA with further redress. Obviously, as a bankrupt, the money was sent to my Trustee, etc. Some of the refunds (such as those from MBNA) took account of tax on the 8% interest. Others (a big chunk of the debts) did not. They paid gross. I'm now self-employed while I await s
  4. Afternoon all Long time no speak! To bring you up to speed on this one, I challenged the offer that made (£60) and asked for information on how it was calculated, etc. I also pointed out that the calculation didn't appear to make use of the information that: a) M&S had in its possession (ie., credit profile, history, highest balances, etc.) b) Information that I had sent c) Explicit guidance from the Ombudsman about what a company should do if it doesn't have all of the information it needs, ie., look at what other poeple did with their accounts at that time, ask
  5. @ims21 - Thanks for the advice! Will keep you posted
  6. Hi ims21 Yes, the reply is from an adjudicator. The letter is very reasonable and explains that due to Christmas, etc. staff are away, etc. so he will contact me in the first week or so of January to give me time to consider everything. Out of interest, do you have any advice on how to proceed? M&S have used 7p as a constant despite records to contrary - the PPI premium on the highest balance alone was £26 and I'm pretty sure that I didn't manage to spend £3800 in one month at M&S...! Is it worth me calculating an average to use as an example?
  7. It's been sometime (and I had to search for this thread) but I've finally had progress on this complaint. I'll give a brief recap... 1) Submitted a complaint to M&S stating that the PPI on an M&S Chargecard was mis-sold. Reasons included being in a protected job (working for the NHS), extensive savings, reasonable pay and benefits packages, etc. as well as never having claimed on the policy because I wasn't aware of it. This was in Spring 2012. 2) M&S rejected the complaint for a host of reasons that don't hold water. They had not actually bothered to
  8. Hi all - hoping somebody might be able to help out here. My parents submitted PPI claims to Lloyds for 3 loans - 2 were taken out in February 1997 and 1 was in March 1999. All three loans were paid off in July 2000 when my father retired and they moved house, etc. The loans were paid. Settled. Finished. No rollover into other loans, no pay off the mortgage and the loans together. They were paid off! Anyway, so far one of the 1997 loans and the 1999 loan has been upheld and and they received payment for the 1999 loan last week. We're a little concerned over the figures. They are as fo
  9. Hi all I'm hoping that some of the people around here may be able to help on this. I'm after details of the packaged bank accounts that Lloyds (and Lloyds TSB) has sold. I know that in the past these have included Select, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Premier but I would like more information: Does anybody know when Lloyds introduced packaged bank accounts? Does anybody have any details (such as what they offered, etc.) of these packaged accounts from when they were first introduced, etc. or after? Is there anywhere to obtain this information that anybody knows of (other than from
  10. Having reclaimed successfully a number of PPI policies I should know the answer to this but... I'm looking through various loan documents for my cousin. One loan in particular is niggling me (I think I'm expecting there to be something that there isn't). The loan was taken out in 2003. The loan clearly sets out the following information: Amount of credit: £6000 PPI: £1065.47 Total Loan: £7065.47 Monthly repayment (credit): 158.71 Monthly repayment (PPI): £28.18 Monthly repayment (Total): £186.89 It shows an an APR of 12.9% Nowhere on the agreement does it
  11. Happy New Year everyone. I could do with some advice regarding an apparent breach of the DPA. Last year my father sent a SAR to MBNA with a view to reclaiming PPI. MBNA informed my father that they had no information, etc. and he'd never had an account with them. My father complained to the Information Commissioner and provided dates for the accounts, account numbers etc. In September, the ICO ruled in my father's favour and lo and behold MBNA refunded 5k in PPI. In November, I sent a SAR to MBNA for my information. I received their package today and contained within it were let
  12. Hi all I'm hoping somebody might be able help out here. Does anybody have copy of the Terms and Conditions, Policy documents, exclusions, etc. for a Lloyds TSB Fixed Rate Personal Loan with Insurance? I'm particularly interested in the period 1995 to 2000. Lloyds confirmed he existence of loans, etc. in a SAR but due to the passage of time, etc. couldn't provided loan documents and so on. I've got a strong case against them but something has just come to my attention regarding unemployment and retirement. Any help would be appreciated. Si
  13. The OH sent a SAR to M&S. Their reply said the accounts (1 x Personal Reserve and 1 x Budgetcard) were closed a long time ago (2000) and they no longer had any records. The OH sent a reply arguing that they still had my records (from an account opened in 1986 and closed in 2000). Demanded that they send the necessary information. Eventually M&S sent some information printed from their computer system (including name, address, marital status, home and work telephone numbers, occupation, bank account number and sort code). They also sent a reconstituted agreement and application
  14. Just had a quick look: the card expired in May 1997 (and the receipts were from May and August 1996). Anything around that time or earlier would be useful if anybody has anything. At the moment I'm just looking to prove that a) I had the account and b) the numbers were used by MBNA
  15. Does anybody have a contact email for Barclays Partner Finance? If possible the Managing Director would be good. Have just phoned up for a settlement figure only to be told that it's significantly more than the current outstanding balance on the account...
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