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  1. Hi there guys I'm pretty new to the forum so hello to everyone! I'm currently working for a major retail call centre lets just say It begins with a J and ends in Ewis. Now for a while now my team manager has been constantly listening in to all of my calls ( This is not normally done unless someone is under investigation) and pulling me up for any errors I made on certain calls. Such as getting customers initial wrong due to the phone line being terrible or for not suggesting add-on items to a customer when he had bought a cooker...? Now I don't know if anyone has ever experienced this but bein
  2. Thanks for the reply renegade. I've already complained to the OFT and Trading standards I was hoping for some advice on what I can do if they send these guys round again. I dont want these gangsters coming to my house is there anything I can do to stop that?
  3. Hi guys, I took out a loan with toothfairy finance almost a year ago for £100 and after being unable to pay on the agreed date due to a change in circumstances I have been threatened and mentally tortured by this company. I've tried emailing them countless times to work out some sort of payment plan but I get the generic response. I currently have no job as i have just finished college and i literally have no money so I cant even make token payments. Yesterday a ground collection Muscle Man from marshall hoares came to my door and tried to pressure me into repaying even after telling him I had
  4. Hey folks I made a post a little while ago on the wonga forums detailing the trouble I had with them! Basically I have three outstanding loans with Wonga, Toothfairy Finance and Minicredit who apart from Wonga have been a nightmare to deal with. After a few months(and some help from these forums) I managed to get a Monthly repayment plan with both Toothfairy and Wonga (Wonga being significantly more helpful). Mini credit however have been well....like a living incarnation of hell. The amount I had to repay was £150 this obviously increased when I defaulted and is now at £340. The loan w
  5. Hi guys i'm new to the forum but seen how helpful people are and was hoping you could help me with a situation i have. I took out a loan with wonga for £150 and couldnt make the payment so i sent them a detailed layout of a monthly repayment plan which they accepted. At this point i thought great we've come to an arrangement but since then they have charged my card 3 times for different amounts. I have nothing in my bank atm but they've now got me a bank charge of £30. I read up on wonga before defaulting and seen that they had similiarly did this with different folk so i transfered what
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