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  1. i just received this letter from them yesterday, looks like they will keep on trying... i expect the doorstep collection letter next... FINAL NOTICE ? Creditor: Polizia Municipale Di Sanremo Details of the offence: ART.7 C1 E 14 - Parked in fee-parking area without displaying a ticket Car reference: WI-AR3748 From "Avis Budget" CLI reference: XXXXXX (please quote on all communications and payments) Infraction Amount ? 98.16 (converted from ?113.87) Interest: ? 37.86 Statutory Legal Costs ? 53.73 Compensation: ? 24.00 Debt Collection Costs: ? 0.00 VAT on Collection Costs: ? 0.00 Balance due: ? 213.75 ? We regret that you have not yet made further contact with us. ? We have already informed our client that you have not taken the opportunity of our appointment to resolve this matter amicably and that it is now appropriate to take further action against you. ? We are aware that you may not be in a position to make full payment at this time and we would welcome your proposals to settle the debt in instalments. ? If you contact us within 7 days and make repayment proposals, further recovery action against you can be avoided. You just need to tell us: ? ? The monthly payment you are able to pay ? How you will be paying ? We urge you to make contact today in order to avoid further action being taken against you. ? Finally, may we remind you of your right to seek free independent legal advice from debt organisations such as the National Debtline, Stepchange, or your local Citizens Advice Bureau. ? We look forward to hearing from you.
  2. thanks for the advice and pointing me to the other thread, much appreciated
  3. ive just read this thread not realizing it was here after i posted a similar thread today. i am having the same problem with CLI they are chasing me for a parking fine in Italy from 2014 that i knew nothing about, they are threatening me with a European enforcement order but when i asked them to email me the order they couldn't as they don't have one. i actually spoke to them after the 3rd letter they sent and told them i wasn't denying that i was in Italy at the time but was unhappy about the extra cost added to the fine as i didn't know about the fine until their first letter arrived. they emailed me again today with a final notice that's when i came onto this site for advice, from now on i wont be acknowledging them thanks
  4. hi there sorry i am not 100% sure i should be asking this here... over the last 6 weeks i have received 3 letters from Credit Limits International regarding a parking fine from September 2014 in Italy. with legal costs, interest and compensation the fine is now £212. now these are the first letters i have ever received over this matter and at first i just ignored it but in one of the letters it said they had a European enforcement order, i spoke to them on the phone and asked them to send me everything they had by email.they sent me the original letters from the Italian police (which i have no knowledge of ever receiving) but no enforcement order. when i spoke to them i told them i wasn't denying that it was me and would gladly pay the original fine of £98 but because of the timescale and the fact this is the first Ive heard of the fine then i am unhappy about paying everything else.they told me i would have to pay it all. In the email they sent me with the police letters they also said this" Regrettably if payment is not made we will register the existing Italian court judgement in the UK and consider legal enforcement options. " now this tells me that they don't have an enforcement order and that they are just trying to scare me into paying. i received another email today from them saying they still hadn't heard back and then this" We have explained that this debt relates to an enforceable order and that you must pay the above balance in full in order to prevent prosecution in this country. "so i am unsure what to do next, i just want to know if they can take me to court in this country or could they send bailiffs round to my home ? also is there a time limit on things like this and as its 5 years old in September are they pushing because of that ? thanks any advice would be grateful
  5. hi how would i go about writing a cancellation letter to first step and asking for my money to be sent back to me rather than to the creditors (as they would then take commission) are there template letters i can use. ? should i just stop my payments now and maybe phone them to tell them iam cancelling ? thanks
  6. hi LTP just wondering about what you were saying about helping me out only not heard from you for a while thanks
  7. iam trying to find out what is in my pot and then taking it from there
  8. hi yeah i know what your saying but they tell me they will have me debt free in 5 years , ( i take it they mean by paying off debts by full and final ) so that's another 2 and a half years to go at a price of £18,000, put that with what ive already paid and its still under what i originally owed. now the big question is WILL i be debt free in 5 years to be honest i am SO confused right now
  9. yeah i understand what you are saying, the problem i have is i am 2 and a half years down the line with them and have already put in over £15,000 - £16,000 . now i was told a few weeks ago that there was up to £11,000 in the pot (yesterday they said they didn't know how much was in it and they would have to calculate it as if i was leaving) my problem is what they will do with that money if i leave. thanks
  10. how would i be able to cancel without them splitting up the money in my pot between my creditors..? i would rather have that money available so i could make a few full and final settlements, this way there is a chance i could get rid of up to half my debts which would give me more money for the ones i'll still have. that's the thing that scares me about cancelling it would put me right back to square one
  11. hi there new member here i was interested to read this thread and thought i would let you know where i am and see if there is any advice for me. i have been with first step since july 2009 my current debt is £42,000 and i pay £135 per week (£7,020 per year) first step are paying £232 a month out to my creditors of which two have ccj's against them. they are still in dispute with 4 of my creditors who cant produce signed documents the first 12 month were hard as i was getting phone calls all the time and letters too, first step said not to get into dialogue with them but it was very hard and stressful. for the last year or so things have been quiet for me and i am not now getting pestered by my creditors. a few weeks ago i enquired what was in my pot and what was the next plan of action, i was told that i had £11,000 in my pot and that it takes time to sort things out and they like to build up the pot so they can make offers to everyone and clear all debts at the same time, the time scale is now 5 years and 3 months. (when i signed up it was between 3 and 5 years) my problem is that i want to start seeing some movement with my debts, if there is £11,000 in the pot the surely this can go a long way to clearing a few of the debts. i phoned them up today to express my feelings on the matter and to basicly tell them this is what i wanted them to do. they said if i did this then there would be nothing left in my pot and i would have to start over again and this could add another 3 years onto the plan. i disputed this as how can getting rid of debts and their payments put time on a plan. anyway they said they would get back to me before monday with some sort of plan as to where we are going. i am in two minds about what to do part of me is saying come away from them and do it myself and part of me is saying give them a bit more time to see if they start making offers to my creditors any suggestions thanks
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