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  1. Miss read that to begin with, thought you'd returned 200 items lol.


    20 in 2 years will be more than they are happy with. They expect maybe 1 or 2 a year if you buy loads from them and they have so many people buying from them they can pick and choose people as they see fit.


    I had an account where i used to sell a lot from but then amazon started selling the same items and closed my account and said it was breach of contract and would never explain in any more detail.


    There a law un to them selves..

  2. He advised he had set up a paypallink3.gif account and he was testing to see how it worked and to get validity of the account.
    That sounds like just another way of keeping you waiting.

    If he can send money from it then its been varified and redy to use. As far as i can remember, you can not send or receive money through paypal until you have varified your details which is where they send the small payment to your bank with the varification code on it. Sounds like rubbish to me, Think you'l find its either a friends or he's already got one running and just doing it to keep you hanging on as long as possible.


    And he also told me today his mother is dying...
    In that case shouldn't he be with his mother and not there ripping you of for more money as each day goes by? I no thats sounds harsh but its true..


    I no a few people that have had this trouble before and they have had the person ejected from the property and goods kept if of any value to cover missing rent or held until the lodger pays up. I no thats what i would do.


    Get a few friends round and have a lodger removing party if he's not already left by now. Even if he does manage to pay today i would still get him out as it will just happen time after time, he just sounds like a con man to me and wonder how many others has he sweet talked and then not paid rent to.

  3. Well after sending them an email stating i was not happy with the way they gained details from us and trying to use them as scare tacticts to be used for other options of collection they have decided that my offer of £15 a month is ok for now. Don't think they realise that some people wont just roll over and play dead for them and we all have a voice to shout back at them with.


    They did ask in there reply email about my income as they stated the IE form i filled out did not have that on it and it should have been a household income, i only put my partners as its he council tax from before we met.

    I've told them it has nothing to do with me or my income as it was before my time and the fact at the moment i'm not working so there would be nothing else to add to the IE form.


    There reply was the same again, they accept the £15 a month and will review it again at a later date to see if anything has changed.


    I take it i was rite that as its counicl tax from before we met its nothing to do with me or my personal income?

  4. Yes, i think a letter from them with it in writing is evidence enough.


    I've emailed them stating i'm not happy with the way they have decided to change it and how they have asked me to provide details of my partners employment under false pretences as they said in the letter it was just for information but now they have they details they have said up your payment or further recorvery action will be taken or an attachment to earnings.

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