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  1. The channel is normally set to auto, try logging into the router and changing the wireless channel to 6, thats normally the best one to use.
  2. If its only your internet going on and of then thats normal for the first few days. They put the internet speed up to its max then slowly bring it down until it becomes stable and stops dropping the connection.
  3. What caused them to flood the kitchen? If its down to them and not down to anything leaking to do with the property then your well within your rights to ask them to pay towards any repair or possibly all of it or ask them to arrange the repair themselves and cover the cost.
  4. And if you want a hand set with the contract the price goes up. Check some of the contracts on the mobile websites, sim only is one price and sim + phone is slightly more.
  5. The problem you will have is you are able to go to a shop to top up the key/card for the meter plus you can get the usb top up machines that you use at home which is what i do. If they get a warrant then they will use a locksmith if no one is at home (had this happen to a friend of mine). Your landlord shouldn't be to bothered about you having key and card meters put in as most landlords prefere it as there is no debt left when a tenant moves out.
  6. So if i buy a sim only contract for £25 a month then decide to change the next year to the same contract but i want a phone which bumps the contract up to £30 a month are you saying that the extra fiver a month is not to cover part of the handset. My friend has an iphone 4 on contract which is 30 a month, now he wants to upgrade to an iphone 4S and its either pay £150 and the hand set is his or up his contract to £40 a month and the hand set is his after the contract is finished.
  7. The handset only becomes the property of the customer after they have made the last payment on the contract. Unroll then it's still belongs to the network. As its been blacklisted it would have been a contract phone and the customer has defaulted on the payments.
  8. Its everything to do with her, you bought it from her and its now been blacklisted after a month. Sounds like small claims is going to be the way to go.
  9. You can but from experience you would be wasting your time. They won't unbar it unless the bill payer pays what they owe. Why can you not take it back to where you got it from?
  10. Some of them round my way charge up to £175 per person to do them and I no they cost nowhere near that sort of money to do one.
  11. Nope. Take it back to the person you got it from and get your money back
  12. The home she works at has 26 staff in total not including the managers and Secretary. When she did finally get them to take her back they did a risk assessment then after a couple of weeks they started to do 1 a week and now that are doing 1 a day. They have not sent her to an occupational health advisor even though one of the printouts she took in about medical suspension from the .Gov site made it clear that seeing one was there responsibility if they thought there was a risk or still an on going problem.
  13. This is more than likely a catalog debt, littlewoods normally use this lot to do there dirty work.
  14. Another update,,, Work was fine to start with but then started to do risk assessments at the end of each week on her, very basic sheet of paper with can you do all your duty's and how much pain are you in using from 1 to 10 type thing. Also asking how much pain she is in after a shift. She's been honest with them and some days are fine and some she is in a little pain but thats to be expected after an operation while her knee settles down and he muscle needs to build up a bit above her knee. Originally when they wouldn't let her back to work they asked her to take her job description sheet to the docs and get him to decide if she can go back to work which as you can tell from the other posts the doc was fine but a small revision on 2 of her duty's. Now, after having to do the whole take your job description to the docs twice in 4 weeks because they don't remember asking her to do it the first time (surprise surprise..) which in turn they decided to let her back in, they have now asked her to see the doc again with her job description and a letter from them asking if he feels she is fit for work. Plus they are now doing daily risk assessments. She told them that she's done it twice already and the doc said she's fine so not doing it again, so now they have sent a letter to the doc along with her job description asking if she's fit for work. To me this is getting to the point of harassment as its been on going even though she is doing all her duty's and not asking for any help with anything, she didn't even ask for any help when she went back after her op, she just got on with it. They say they are only doing all this out of concern for her which seems a bit odd given how they were after she wanted to go back to work after her op. She has been back to the hospital for a checkup and they have referred her for physio as she still needs to exorcise the muscle above her knee to build it up quicker. Other than that is a clean bill of health. On top of this, on some shifts she does she gets more people to take care of than the other 2 on shift at the time then ends up doing teas and sorting the kitchen out and a few other bits while the other 2 staff are lucky to do half the work compared to what she has done, normally a lot less than she does to be honest, yet they are still farting about with risk assessments and now the whole doctors fit for work rubbish. They have a few staff there that are for ever throwing sickies for one reason or another yet my partner is always in on every shift, normally up to 30 mins before her shift actually starts, she quite often leaves late as she likes to finish what shes doing rather than hand a half sorted resident over to the next shift to carry on with. If she was having to much of a problem she would soon tell them and take time of if she needed it but she's fine to work. This is getting beyond a joke now, its like she's just getting picked on for wanting to work. I'm going to look into there grievance procedure later and start typing up a letter but is there anything else i can do as she is being unfairly treated?
  15. Direct from the british gas web site Your cost per unit for TN31 Standing charges are in pence p/day. Rates are in pence per KWh and include VAT Payment Type Standing Charge 18.690 Unit Rate Prepayment 12.360
  16. If you check your meter it's on screen F, comes under charge/week.
  17. Well tell that to my meter then, i've had the pre pay meter for 5 years and its always had the weekly charge and a few people i no have them and its the same for them. Charges 1.83 a week in this area. My son moved into a flat on saturday and his electric is with Bg and his weekly charge is 1.63. They don't have a standing charge on the gas pre pay meters though. As far as i could find out the charge on the electric meter is because they are rented and not owned by Bg.
  18. The rates are the same but with the electric meter they charge about 1.80 a week standing charge which you don't get on quarterly billed meters.
  19. If its left to long with wescot there next step will be to fit pre pay meters by getting a court order which will give you no bargening power at all as they will set the rates for the debt between 8 and 10 and they will not drop it. If they refuse to take the lower payment you are offering then arrange pre pay with them and there more likely to do reduced payments for the debt on the meter. I've known someone get it as low as £2 a week to be taken of the meter and as your debt is only 200 you have a good chance to do the same sort of thing.
  20. Water company's don't have the option for pre pay so they will take reduced payments as its the only way they can get any money other than taking you to court. Electric and gas suppliers do the pre pay for people in your position to help you. You may not want them but I can't see you have any other option as you can't cover what they want from you each month. I had to go down this root a few years ago due to high bills and low income and it worked out the only option. It all boils down to budgeting and being carefully with the electric and gas. As your on Jsa you should be able to get the debt payments set at about 3 a week on each meter. I no its not what you want to do but mite be your best option.
  21. Your best option would be to request pre pay meters then the bills can be payed of through them and they won't be going up every month, plus it will get wescot of your back.
  22. Can't see any problem there. You own the business and its RK is the business which is you.
  23. They all have tracking systems fitter to there cars and vans so just ask them for the printout to prove when they were there.
  24. Keep this bit very safe so you can print it of and take it to court if he goes that far - If he did take you to court this would pretty much get it thrown out, even if he does work closely with the police this would be great to use against him as he would be using any position he holds in what ever job he does with or for them as a threat and that would go down like a lead balloon.
  25. They would take it into consideration but doing 70 in a 40 zone would normally get you a 6 month ban. You mite find if you get a decent judge they mite just give you maximum points and a hefty fine but i'd say its a 50/50 decision.
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