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  1. So they obviously have the phone then.

    I'd report it to the police as theft to start with then get in touch with PayPal and give them the crime number.

    Also phone up what ever network the phone was on and give them the imei number and get it blocked, just tell them it was stolen.

  2. As I've said above, if you chose not to insure it to its full value then you will only get back delivery cost and by the sounds of it there giving you the standard cover of £20 on top.


    If you don't choose to insure an item for its value then you can't expect them to pay out any more.


    I use them every day to send stuff and if its something expensive I pay the extra for insurance just in case.

  3. As far as i can remember the court have nothing to do with it. its the council that send the letter of to an employer and the employer has no choice but to follow the letter to the work.

    My other half has just had this done and i asked CAB and they said the council have the power after a liability order is gained to go for attachment to earnings if they see this as the best option of getting regular payments.

  4. Did you ring the garage and ask them to come out and check the car to see what was wrong or did you just do them up and drive home. I no they were loose but would have been worth playing dumb and getting the garage to come and find out for themselves then you would have more of a chance to claim something back from them after the amount you've just paid them.

  5. Nochex has been around for many years and always been a problem payment system. I used to use it a lot but had so many problems with them i gave up.


    I think you'll find its down to you to chase up the payment if its not reached the seller.

    As op said, if the seller has not received it then why would he send an item out.

    If they have a number to ring then chase them up, they will be able to tell you if the payment was received at the other end and if it has then the seller is having you on..

  6. No such thing as a higher tariff. They either pay the year in full, month by month by direct debit or payment card. its the same price no matter who you are or when you start your license from.

    Sound to me like there trying to pull a fast one.


    Its down the the people living there to make sure they have one so i would just ignore them as there's nothing they can do.

    If you all paid towards it when you were living there then obviously its going to be more per person now as you have moved out so its less people paying towards it.

  7. Depending on how bad it is they will normally come back to check that the repairs are being done so the landlord will have 2 choices, get the repairs done properly and keep you there or don't get them done and they won't have much luck renting the place out again as environmental health officer will pop round from time to time to see if anyone has moved in and if they have and the landlord has not had the repairs done then they will fine him..


    Just been throught his with one of my kids where he lives and the landlord wasn't happy about spending money but he was given no choice.

  8. does a £400 charge sound fare to you then. Op has said they don't mind paying the £90 to have the car taken to the garage which is ok but charging £310 to look at it is not on at all.


    And now there saying pay the bill or sign the car over, thats now extortion.

  9. if someone refuses to give back something it then becomes stolen.

    the OP asked for it to be taken to the garage and checked to see what's wrong with it so how they can charge £400 just to fault find a problem is beyond me.

    Charging to recover the car and maybe charge an hours labour to find the problem is one thing but what they are charging i would expect them to have fixed the car as well..

  10. The most they should charge you is an hours labour if it's taken them that long to find the cause of the problem, that's what most people would be happy to pay as its still there time to find the fault.


    Asking for such a high amount is out of order.


    Phone the police, explaine the garage are holding your car and trying to extort money from you to the sum of £400 even though they have dune no work on it and tell them about the email.

    Say you want to report it stolen and obviously you can give the address it's at.


    Garage should back down once police are involved.


    If the police try and fob you of saying its nothing they can help with then remind them the garage are refusing to give your car back so it is now stolen property.

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