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  1. My son had a court claim form arrive on friday from parkingeye

    for parking in morrisons car park for over the 2 hours

    (he was in there shopping with his other half and stopped in there cafe for a sandwich and coffee before they started to shop).


    He's not received anything else from them up till this claim form.


    It says he can respond online.


    Can anyone advise on how to do it and what's best to put.



    I no there's various ways of defending but there's so many different ones i'm getting confused through all the reading.


    I need a simple start to finish walk through sort of thing



    as neither of us have ever had to do this before



    and don't want to do it all wrong and hang him at the first stage.


    All help gratefully received.

  2. Also, once you have your refund back in your bank report the seller to eBay and tell them you have the message from them to see what they have said.


    eBay, if you get the right person will close there account as its not something they will normally put up with.


    Its people like that that give the good sellers a bad name.

  3. Send csa a photo copy of residence order, child benefit, child tax credits with a covering letter explaining neither you or the child's father has custody so your ex is knowingly trying to commit fraud.

    As the child benefit is paid to grandad that makes him main carer and they should have checked that out at the start.


    I has the same sort of problem a few years back but once I told them how to do there job and sent them relevant paperwork they backed down and took my ex to court.

  4. First thing to try is memory. If you have 2 strips in there then take one out and see if it still plays up, if it does then swop them over and try again.


    Power supply can cause the same problems. Replaced 2 of mine recently due to starting problems and both work fine again now.


    Last option is get a cheap graphics card to put in. On board ones do give up over time but using an ad on card will bypass the board looking for the on board one. Or borrow one to try if you no anyone.

  5. I was going to say that.


    If you tax it now the new disc will go to the last owner,


    also if you get tax online after the current disc has run out then your still not covered if you get stopped.


    Ask your insurance company to email your policy to you so you can print it out and take to the post office.


    As far as I know you still need insurance docs at the post office to get your tax disc.

  6. I use all the couriers that you could think of as I have a bust eBay shop.

    There all good but they all have there bad days.

    I use myhermes for all small parcels and out of over 3000 last year I had maybe 20 that took up to 10 days to deliver and only 1 that vanished.

    I've had city link loose 2 boxes to the same address then found them under the conveyer 3 weeks later.

    Yodel have missed collecting from me a few times but everything has been delivered when it should.


    Ups, TNT, FedEx are all good but I've had a couple of parcels go missing or not delivered and returned or destroyed.


    Parcel Pete (ipost parcels) I've used a few times. For uk delivery there pretty good and reliable so far but if its outside the uk then it seems to cause them a problem.


    The above is my own personal experience and just trying to show that they all have the same problems no matter how big they are.

  7. This always happens to people. If you post to any address other than the one that shows up with there PayPal payment then its to easy for them to say they didn't get it or it wasn't them.

    I run an eBay shop and will only post to a different address if its someone I've dealt with a few times or if they buy outside eBay and send the money as a gift.

    Log in to your PayPal account and get rid of bank account and debit card details.

    They will send a dca after you but all they normally do is send boring letters for a month or two, then they give up till its passed to the next one.

  8. All delivery firms have a list of items that they will deliver but will not cover if damaged. I send stuff out every day and unfortunately if something gets damaged I've got to take the hit for it. The only think insurance covers is loss, if its lost then they have no option but to pay out but if its damaged then its tough.


    I've tried looking for what you can send and be covered for damage and the only thing I could work out is your covered for nothing.

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