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  1. Is this even if they are nothing to do with me and i want me electric disconnected from them as it is the other person that runs from mine that connected them?
  2. It gets a bit more complicated, they are not my tennant. It is one of the existing places here that has been connected. there is 2 of them and the smaller one is owned by the other person and they want them out so they can have their cabin back. as they are nothing to do with me and not a tennant of mine i cant find anything that says i can't cut them off but also can't find anything that says i can. I doub't its something that has ever come up on here so not expecting to find the answer but then you never know. And yes, letting someone run off your electric supply is ok to do so long as it is after the main meter as everything from that point is yours so you can do what you want.
  3. My meter is the main one, they come from a supply after the main meter and have a meter in the cabin, sub meter i guess you can call it. I read their meter and they pay for the units used and then the main bill comes from my bank so it is all above board yes having someone else connected so long as it is after the main meter is legal. I just want to know if i can cut them off with no comeback to myself as i have been letting them use it for a few years now/
  4. I have 2 people connected to my electric supply and they have been for a few years now. All good and agreed and they have meters so pay for what they use. I now want to disconnect one of them as we don't get on. As it is obviously after the meter and from my side of the supply can i just disconnect them. The one i was to remove is in a cabin that they rent from the other person, they have now started to cause problems and refuse to move out. As it is my supply that goes to them, is there any comeback for me if i cut them off. It has only ever been a friend's agreement and nothing ever in writing. I've searched but found nothing like this so if anyone can shed some light on it i would be greatful Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Yes sent both off but only had a reply from solicitors. And no, I've not managed to read up on anything yet, between work and my daughter having a major operation on her back I've had no time at all to do anything lately.
  6. M C solictors have written back saying they agree to the 28 day extension, do i just write to the court and say they have agreed to it or do i add a copy of the letter in with it to prove they have said yes? also, they are asking what documents i need, do i just say everything they have on record as i have nothing here.
  7. Everything has been sent off to them. Is it now just a case of waiting until they get back to me?
  8. I'm getting there slowly, and i mean slowly. This is all way over my head. What am i meant to keep or delete where it says delete if not mentioned in the Particulars of claim. Is it point 2 to 6 and just leave 1 the agreement there?
  9. Worked it out. Yet again, right in front of me all the time lol
  10. I'm on mcol, which option to i choose to start it off. Is it AOS?
  11. Going to do that as well while i'm doing the cpr. Just reading through it and working out what needs deleting.
  12. My bad, Couldn't see for looking. Sorted that, do i use the claim number on the court claim as the reff number as its all i have from them?
  13. I'm getting lost even more now. On the template for the CCA its got parts that say delete as appropriate? what do i keep and what do i delete?
  14. What is the CPR and is there a template, just doing the CCA request.
  15. Found it Date of default 31/08/2011 Default balance £ 515 how has it jumped up to over 600 when the default is 515?
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