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  1. sgtbush, yesterday I spent the day on the phone to insurers, and even with explaining what happened, some insurers won't touch us.
  2. Thank you. Got a good quote, but nervous as hell. I don't know where I stand legally, and I don't want to make things worse.
  3. Hi everyone. We've had a motor trade policy for 5 years now. 10 days before renewal this year, the insurer flagged up 4 vehicles we've had for a while, and wanted proof of ownership and V5s. I neglected to send these when requested. Over the next few days, they started sending me emails regarding renewal, and that the policy will auto renew. The policy autorenewed, but I know they always want proof of trading (ie. recent invoices) and driving licences. I could see emails coming through, that we had X days to send these documents. In all this, I understood that the deadline for the d
  4. Thank you for your reply. I have tried over and over to call them, but they aren't answering. Looks like we have to go down, photograph the car, check it mechanically to make sure there are no other faults, and take it. How feasible is it though that a backstreet garage will even respond to any County Court summons?
  5. Hi everyone! we bought an Audi A6 auto in September 2016 with a known gearbox problem. We found a gearbox on eBay (rare gbox code), and had it sent to us and fitted by our mechanic. It wasn't right and was leaking, the supplier took it back, repaired it, and sent it back out to us. It still wasn't right. Eventually the supplier said to send him the car (To Essex, we're in Birmingham) and he'd fix it free of charge. By this point we had paid him £1000 for the gearbox. He then said the ECU was a problem and to send him £350 to have the ECU repaired. He has
  6. Thank you Daniella. I'll get on it and hopefully it's not a huge amount to pay.
  7. I'll have a read and fingers crossed! Thanks ever so much!
  8. Thank you. Unfortunately, it was taxed going forward. Got to love the old DVLA.
  9. Hi Daniella, thank you for your reply. We'd gone down to Somerset to collect the van, and we were told upon arrival (2hr trip) that the van was SORNed. We drove it back, and after our friend decided he didn't want to buy it, we were left to sell it on. It was a stupid mistake of us to leave it on the road untaxed, but it's still shocking to have 2 fines for the same incident. I presume we have no good reason for leaving it untaxed. I was hoping for a way around it. Thanks again for your reply!
  10. Hi everyone. I am a part time motor trader, and bought a van to sell to a friend. Said friend then decided he didn't want it, and I had to keep the van near my house. Now, I KNOW I am at fault, I parked the van on the road without it being taxed. Long story short, a neighbour reported us. At 5pm on the 17th December, I drove past and saw the van had been clamped, with a DVLA flyer on. The leaflet explained there was a £100 release fee, and I also had to produce a valid tax disk. The following morning at 9am, I taxed the vehicle, and paid a £100 release fee to have t
  11. Hi everyone, received a PCN last night on the 22/11/11, after parking in on street parking in Birmingham city centre. Last time I was in town which was about a month ago, parking was free after 6. So I parked up at 6pm and left. I returned at about 10pm to find I'd been issued a fine. It turns out the time limit has changed, and parking is now free only after 7.30pm. I was genuinely unaware. I know I should always check, but I never expected there would be a change so drastic after 5-6 years of parking in Bham city centre. Now, 1. the colour of my car (dark green) is noted on the PCN as "unc
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