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  1. I did get ticketed for being on a single yellow (parking within restricted hours) yes. My challenge was the basis that the bay markings were there and that the markings were unclear what with there being a single yellow and bay marking. Their reason for rejecting was that the restriction was signposted and my car was parked beyond the restricted hours sign and on a visible single yellow. I still feel its unfair as I didn't see the single yellow, just the bay markings but I'll probably give in and pay.
  2. So, its come back as a no. Their explanation puts me in the wrong, saying the restriction starts from the rear of my car, indicated by a no waiting sign. But my argument was about the visible parking bay lines and that its unclear whether or not the space is legit or not, clearly not now. Have I got any chance of winning this? I guess not, but if anyone has any ideas..?
  3. I've put in an informal challenge based on the lines being unclear. It just seems odd, it should surely be one or the other. They have either failed to remove the bay or the yellow line properly. I've also asked for a copy of the TRO for the road. As in my case I saw bay lines and parked, I even knew there were single lines on the road, but not through half the bay I was in and I still got caught out. Hopefully they see my point and/or the TRO sways the case.
  4. Can it not be deemed unenforable based on the fact that there are visible bay markings as well as a single yellow. Both are in poor condition and the yellow line doesnt continue through the length of the bay, about half of it. I didn't even notice the yellow line, just saw the bay markings and parked up thinking it was a space.. The space behind me does have the double lines showing the end of the bay, but where im parked also has them where they weren't removed properly or have faded.
  5. Its odd though as the rest of the parking bays dont have a single yellow line there, as I park there daily and never had a PCN. Its just that end bay that has a faded/broken single yellow line in part of it.
  6. Hi, Thanks for the reply. you can see the line infront of my car on the 'lines 2' link, that is how it looks i.e. its difficult to see. I dont have a better photo I'm afraid. It continues on from the bus stop line. I'm confused as to why there are white dashed lines around it like a parking space if you shouldnt park there
  7. Hi, The road has a single yellow line through all of it and signs saying not to park between 8am and 6pm. The only part of the road not to have the single yellow line is where these white dashed parking bays are. The PCN says I parked on a restricted road in prescribed hours but I was parked in a painted parking space. The only technicality is that there is a faded yellow line that runs into the parking space, none of the others have any trace of a single yellow line. Looking at it now I think the space I was in had its white lines removed and a single yellow painted but both are badly faded and I only saw the white lines and thought it was a genuine space. Can I challenge them based on the white dash lines being misleading and because of the yellow line being barely visible? as I thought I was parked legit. Just to clarify there is a bus stop infront of where I was parked but I wasnt parked over the lines for the bus stop. Any other advice/suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks PCN Notice: http://i40.tinypic.com/2zrn6hd.jpg Lines 1: http://i39.tinypic.com/34zhjmg.jpg Lines 2: http://i41.tinypic.com/2gtna5l.jpg
  8. You could tell them your relationship status has changed. But if you're living together but arent in a relationship that isnlt likely to affect tax credits anyway.
  9. The term upgrade is used pretty loosely though, people less call it contract renewal but rather upgrading. They probably offer some free phones at this 'upgrade' period, but whether or not they are actually any better may be another thing.
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