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  1. Hi, Ive sent the letter to halifax asking for a copy of all my transactions and manual interventions. Ive had a letter back saying the will be sent under seperate cover. From the date of there letter its now over 45 days and from my letter over 55days. What is my next step, should i ring and ask where they are ?
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply, I sent the letter to this address Data Protection Manager Data Protection Team Regulatory Compliance Abbey House 201 Graftons Gate East Milton Keynes MK9 1AN But I didnt send it recorded delivery For the LBA, how much should I put down as claiming for, they havnt sent any statements at all
  3. Hi Everyone, Had an abbey National Credit Card, didnt keep the statement's - oh well Had lots of charges from memeory, sent the DPA request with £10 cheque on the 10th July 2006, Ive heard nothing at all. The cheque has not been cashed either. What is my next move now ?
  4. ok thanks, LBA was done 27th July, so ive a few days to go then, thanks for the advice
  5. Hi, Ok some advice needed now if possible, recieved the infomation back from Capital One, counted up the charges - just over £700, sent the letter and LBA, the have now written back offering £200 - erm thanks but no id rather have the full amount thank you. Would now be the time do a money claim ?
  6. Ok, The breakdown, Is this the information ive entered into the spreadsheet that was listed on this site ? At the moment ive just listed the dates and charges not the reason's, do I need to include this ? Thanks Paul
  7. Hi Andy, No Problems, Ill let you know how I get on, and where I am in the process, good luck with reclaiming your charges. Paul
  8. Hi, Ive recieved a letter back from Katherine Blunt, saying that she has requested the information and will send it when it is completed. The 14 days are up on Tuesday (this includes time delays for post) should I give them more time or what would my next step be ?
  9. Hi everyone, hope someone can help me out with this query. Tomorrow would be the LBA letter day, but Ive recieved a letter today from HSBC. In short - In order that we can considor your request please provide a full itemised breakdown of those charges to include date, description of the charge and the amount applied. Please also include any proposed new charges that you will have recieved a pre notification advice for. Should I send them this, although surely they have this info anyway ? Or should I now just do the LBA ? Any advice would be great Paul
  10. ok, Thanks, Library letter being amended and posted today Ill let you know how i get on Paul
  11. Hi, I remember having a barclaycard a few years ago, so i went through my bank statements but it only gives me part of the number. Can I still send the data protection act letter to them requesting my statements for the past six years without knowing my account/card number ? Thanks Paul
  12. Ok, Thanks, letter typed, dated, enveloped, stamped, posted Ill keep you all posted on the updates
  13. Well Done HSBCrusher I have been reading through your fight this morning and its made me type and post my letter today, Ive also started with capital one, and then there is the long list to go through from the past 6 years. Again well done for getting your money back and also for the inspiration. Paul
  14. Thanks, letter typed, cheque enclosed, enveloped, stamped - SENT
  15. im just a little unsure now of where to send the letter too. the letter is to get a copy of my financial transactions with them, Should i send it to the london address or the one thats listed on here for notthingham ? Thanks
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