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  1. Just out of interest i was wondering if i should hold tight in claiming back PPI or if i should carry on regardless.I know there is some confusion regarding MBNA and the way the calculate but i am wanting to go for compound interest route. Should i wait a little longer ??? Anybody Or should i go for it and join the Que lol
  2. Ok thanks for the info ill try that post ... Im guessing its the post about how MBNA have been making up their own calculations .....
  3. Can someone just take a look at this spread sheet ... i really do need to get this off. How will i know the interest rate ??? will this be on an old statement.[ATTACH]48696[/ATTACH]
  4. i have a few statements so can i got for the compound interest spreadsheet
  5. Ok i will ask 1 more time ... is there a covering letter i need to send with the spread sheet and where the spread sheet says claim to ... thats where i have to put the date of the last charge added to the account before i went into default ... is that right .
  6. ah ok got ya ... yes i can see it now lol .... ok i am going to check the spread sheet tonight... apparently where the spread sheet says claim to ... thats where i have to put the date of the last charge added to the account before i went into default ... is that right .
  7. ok ... i think lol ... so should i claim ... i was lead to beleive reading here that if you where self employed it was pretty cut and dry ...
  8. Yes sorry ims it is Me ... i just seen this post reply .... so i will keep it here. Ok so i look down the list they sent and put the date of last interest added ?? because the very last transaction was on the 25/03/2009 but down as a Late Default Sum £12. Thanks a bunch again
  9. Yes the sheets they sent to me show it as either credit insurance fees or payment protection cover. Yes they got me ... i put my trust in someone recommended to me who would help defend and after lots of trying to get them to let me know what was happening they just cut me adrift .... about 4 days before court date i did manage to at least get a variation order reducing it from Pay full immediately down to £10.00 per month. Then Link went for a Charging order . .. i did have the assistance of someone from our local Community advice and law service .. but on the day we failed. We argued that the charging order application should have been dismissed as i had completed an application to Vary the Order prior to the application for the charging order. However on court day we learnt that the Variation had been granted but not dealt with until 26th January 2012 which was 5 days after they had applied for the interim charging order. But im paying them regular on the dot £10 per month and payment is sent by postal order and by sign for post . So right now as i am starting to sort myself out having been kicked to the bottom rung of the ladder i am wanting to seek redress where ever i can. And having found out PPI was on the card account i decided this was the first to get sorted. After i have this ball rolling i would like some advice on Mortgage charges because they had a chunk of charges that as i have read here where not allowed .. .. Like £30 admin charges . .. and even worse added to the term of the mortgage lol. But that a different project ... i would like any assistance or advice you can offer. Regards
  10. oh and sorry ims21 they are just transaction lists ... not copy of original statements ...
  11. It is just stated on a page taken off the web application ... im sure that is how i applied for the card. And no im not still paying ... account went into default and was sold to Link ... link won in court and i pat £10 per month lol. So i never asked for insurance ... and i thought the fact that i am self employed was a good enough reason not to have the insurance ??? is this not the whole point ?? them selling something to you that 1 is a requirement of giving you the card and 2 something that is useless as a insurance lol.
  12. Old MBNA credit card i defaulted on and debt has been sold to Link. Sent SAR to MBNA and got back all info including lists of transactions including PPI. Im sure there can be no dispute in my case for miss-selling as the CCA they sent to me just before cout case clearly states in bold ink SELF-EMPLOYED. Im just not sure which spread sheet to use and believe the adding of the PPI insurance was a contributing factor to the default of the debt. Towards the end the interest and insurance added meant the debt was just increasing. Could someone advise as to which spread sheet i should use. Thanks
  13. Just a quick one ... when filling in the spread sheet in the personal details box what date do i put into the Claim to section. Is that todays date or is it the date the debt was sold to Link ...
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