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  1. Hi Just reading a lot of these posts and was wondering if anyone knew of any decent ( and I use that word lightly lol) loan companies that dont rip you off or charge admin fees. I have been rejected for a loan as I am "unemployed" I tried to explain that I am a full time carer for my severely disabled daughter and i am unable to work due to her care commitments but have regular income and could afford the repayments (I would not be lending if I couldnt afford to pay it back)...I have checked my credit report and this seems to be ok but apparantely I have a poor credit score (this might be due to me not having much credit over the years so i'm told??) so as you can see I am in a no win situation as being classed as unemployed and having a poor credit score is making it difficult. So if anyone knows of any loan companies that could help then please let me know....Thank You
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