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  1. I haven't checked my credit files yet (no idea how to if i'm being brutally honest) I'm not sure how old the debt is but it was certainly atleast 4 or 5 years maybe more since they stopped adding on additional fees. (I haven't used the account since other then small deposits to chip away at the debt) I know it's only a small amount of money but this has become a real annoyance since i can't pay direct to Halifax anymore. The endless barrage of dross through the post gets tiresome more then anything.
  2. Hi, heres the details... i had an old account with Halifax which clocked up a negative balance of around -£1200 a large chunk of which came from bank charges. I began making token payments and chipped away at this total, after a period of time the bank decided to pass it onto a debt collection agency which i completely ignored, i carried on making small payments at a Halifax branch who i assume then passed the money on to the DCA because with each payment the debt collection agency would send me a letter acknowledging payment but urging me in the future to pay them direct. As far as
  3. Hi i've just got a query regarding an old debt. I had an account with Halifax which i hadn't used for years, an overdraft of £1200 clocked up via bank charges & was then passed on to Blair Oliver and Scott, i completely ignored them and continued chipping away at the debt by paying token amounts of money in at a Halifax branch, the debt was then passed onto Robinson Way without any confirmation from the bank. .. again i carried on paying the debt bit by bit over the counter at Halifax who i assume then passed the money onto Robinson Way, the debt is now only
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