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  1. Ive just claimed for £13,500 worth of charges in one go. lloyds settled for the full amount after the allocation questionair was filed. I know the risk of fees is higher but Lloyds will not go to court(see my thread) Deep breath go for the full amount good luck
  2. Lloyds solicitors made offer to settle after the allocation questionair was filed. Once accepted it took about a week to be put it into my account. Its a long process but see it through. I new it was coming because the bank manager tipped me off that they would settle. If you can its worth keeping friendly with yours as its not their fault its head office and they can help keep your account at the end if you want. He admitted they all know the charges are a penalty. "Keep your freinds close, your enemies closer"
  3. oh yeh. I have a warm glow inside. I really enjoyed my meeting with the bank manager I wish I could do that every week it puts a smile on your face. The boots on the other foot now.
  4. Been away from site for long time so thought I would write to give some encouragement to you all. I have a personal business account, my claim was for circa £13,500 and a court date was set for Feb 2007!!!!! Lloyds solicitors originally offered half to settle, this was turned down. Althought the solicitors costs were estimated at £5,000 they offered a full settelment and money has been recieved in my account. Had a meeting the other day with freindly local branch manager to let me know head office wanted to close my account but he wants to keep it open and is trying to pers
  5. Just recieved letter from Martineau Johnson solicitors for Lloyds offering to settle for £6,888.75 with confidentiality clause. Ive E-mailed back declining offer to settle unless its for full amount and unconditionally. Allocation Questionnaire due to be submitted by 9th August. Lets see what they come up with next?
  6. Hi Ive been progressing with my claim against LLOYDS through the fast track system due to the amount. ( this is a personal business account, and lloyds nearly put me out of business due to charges and refusing an adequate overdraft to deal with cash flow, but increased it to cover charges.) Lloyds have filed a defence to my claim on the 19th July 2 days before due date. It looks like a standard defence "notified of charges etc etc therefore no breach of contract." What happens now as costs may become an issue if im unsucessful? No offer to settle yet!!
  7. Thanks for the advice. the figure is correct and is in one claim, i believe the law of disclosure is far more severe for figures over £5000 so surely lloyds cant want to risk having to prove their actual costs!!!
  8. I have recently filled a claim against lloyds (for £13,527.50) who have acknowledged service and have indicated that they intend to defend all the claim. The questions i have are: is this a delaying tactic? has anyone seen a similar defence and if so have lloyds succesfully defended any claim? do i need to now instruct a solicitor or is this a waste of money if i will eventually loose?
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